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lundi 19 avril 2010

la roulotte épisode 2 - the gypsy caravan part 2

Bienvenue Ascension et Obsidian Hall - Welcome Ascension and Obsidian Hall

une ambiance provençale - a provençal atmosphere

la lavande et les tournesols sont des kits de Pascale Garnier - The lavender and sunflowers are Pascale Garnier's kits.

Lucie : "Nina, regarde l'intérieur, tout a été peint."
Lucie : "Nina, look at the inside, everything has been painted."

Finalement j'ai choisi du rose pour "la chambre", j'espère que comme moi vous serez contente du résultat. En tout cas cela plait beaucoup à Nina.

In the end I chose pink for "the bedroom", I hope that like me you will like the result. Anyway Nina is very pleased with it.

Nina : " Lucie, viens, où es tu ? Il faut y aller."
Nina : " Lucie, come on, where are you? It's time to go."

Lucie : "J'arrive, attends moi."
Lucie : " I'm coming, wait for me."

Lucie : "Coucou, Nina."
Nina : " Ah, te voilà !"
Lucie : "J'adore cette roulotte, j'espère qu'elle ne va pas rester vide."
Nina : "Quand elle sera complètement finie on pourra jouer à la dînette et imaginer qu'on voyage."

Lucie : "Hello, Nina."
Nina : "Here you are !"
Lucie : "I love this gypsy caravan, I hope it won't remain empty."
Nina : "When it will be finished we will play at having a tea party and imagine that we're travelling."

Merci beaucoup Sylvia (miniaturasnatasylvia.blogspot.com) pour cet award.
Thank you very much Sylvia (miniaturasnatasylvia.blogspot.com) for the award.

12 commentaires:

Annie a dit…

Thanks for the welcome Genevieve. I love the color palet your using for the caravan. I have an article in a magazine with interior decoration of a caravan in the same color scale. I´ll try to find it and take some photos to show you... You might find some inspiration :0)

Annie a dit…

Look at my blog ;0)

Lize a dit…

It is going to look splendid! But you must be wishing that you had a tiny pair of hands to help you... especially in those tiny nooks and crannies!

rosanna a dit…

Lucie and Nina are the sweetst cuties. I'll look forward to the finished caravan,Rosanna

Maia's Twinkle Miniatures a dit…

Oui, comme Nina, j'aime bien le rose pour la chambre. :)
La lavande et les tournesols m'ont fait voyager, de beaux petits details!

michelle a dit…

The colors are lovely, Genevieve!

Irene a dit…

You've been busy! It's all looking good and nice to see the little helpers are out there too!

Margaret a dit…

The little dolls are too cute and your gypsy caravan is so colourful, what a great project.

Lena a dit…

The dolls are sp cute and the caravan seems to be a great project! I love the lavender and the sunroses too!


synnøve a dit…

O Genviéve..it is looking so lovely already!!!
And I also see that your lavender plant looks SO much more real than mine!!! It looks great!!! And VERY real!!
O well better luck next time in buying the right type of kit--lol :D
Very nice pictures too!!!
Synnøve x

Sabiha Barkey a dit…

I think the girls are very happy with the caravan, and I love the looks of it!
Can't wait to see it finished!


dale a dit…

The gypsy caravan is looking fabulous!

I love all of the colors. :)

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