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dimanche 13 juin 2010


Bienvenue Wanda - Welcome Wanda

Dimanche prochain c'est le SIMP à Paris. J'aurai un petit stand avec des abécédaires et tapis en kit, également des accessoires brodés et tricotés. Mon stand est le N° 64.
Je suis très excitée car  je vais y rencontrer des bloggers.

Next Sunday it is the SIMP in Paris. I will have a small table with embroideries and carpets in kit, also embroidered and knitted accessories. My table is N° 64.
I'm very excited because I am going to meet some bloggers.

17 commentaires:

by Sonya Rotella a dit…

Good Luck Genevieve,
I would like be there so much!
Maybe next year I hope!
Please will be our reporter and if you can make lot of photos!

Lucia Gabrieli a dit…

Oh, it's such a pity I won't be able to make it.
I'd love to see the items you'll be selling at the fair, I'm sure they'll be a big hit!
Wish you best of luck,

Christel Jensen a dit…

Genevieve I am looking so much forward to seeing you and your minis:) Hope we have the chance to chat a bit. My stand is 15 so we will not exactly be neighbors. I will sneak away for some minutes so my husband can watch the stand;)

Papillon Bleu a dit…

Oh! je regrette de ne pouvoir venir. Prends des photos des bloggeuses! j'ai hâte que tu nous racontes.
Gros bisous!

Irene a dit…

I hope you have a lovely time at the fair and do really well. It's not a fair I'm ever likely to attend but I wish you a great day!

Wanda a dit…

Thanks for the welcome. Best of luck for your show, your items look fantastic. Wish I could attend!

Susanne a dit…

Have a nice time at the fair. I wish, I could be there!
Love, Susanne

Meli a dit…

I wish you luck in the fair Genevieve, but looking at your works (they are so lovely) you can count with it!!!
Have a great time too!!!

rosanna a dit…

Genevieve, we'll be quite close, I'm n° 72. We shall meet for sure ^_^. See you soon, Rosanna

Merry Jingle a dit…

Hope that you have wonderful time in Paris!


veronique a dit…

Oh zut, j'aurais tellement aimé venir mais mahaut se fait hospitaliser l'après-midi pour une semaine, ça va être juste. J'avais même prévu de te transmettre un kdo pour le 1 an de R.
simple parenthèse: après le mien, l'ordi de luc est hs, d'où mon silence. xxx

Maia's Twinkle Miniatures a dit…

J'aimerais tellement y aller! Bonne chance. :)

sylvie a dit…

Bonne chance geneviève. Il faudra bien montrer ce que tu fais après le salon. Mais avec juste un peu de chance ,tu reviendras avec un sac vide !!!
Au passage un petit bonjour à véronique et meilleur santé à mahaut.

miniacollection a dit…

Merci à toutes vos merveilleux commentaires. Je vous raconterai le salon, peut-être avec des photos. Je prendrai mon appareil photo, mais ce n'est pas toujours facile de prendre des photos.

Thank you all for your kind comments. I will tell you everything about the fair, maybe with photos. I will have my camera with me, but it isn't always easy to take photos.

michelle a dit…

Good luck at the fair, Genevieve! My husband and I are coming to Paris too, I'll say hello to you when I see you at the fair ;-)

Patty a dit…

Genvieve!!! Oh, You are going to do great there! I wish I was going too. I really hope you do take some photos and share. Pretty Please try and get a photo of Catherine Muniere's booth(20)....I would love to see what she had for sale!!!!! Her dolls make me melt!!

Caseymini a dit…

Genevieve,I envy your trip to Paris and meeting all of the bloggers that will be there. Have a good trip! Good luck with the show.

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