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mercredi 23 juin 2010


Bienvenue Lainie's little things, Carolyn, Daisy, Sagrario R.R-R
Welcome Lainie's little things, Carolyn, Daisy, Sagrario R.R-R

Enfin je trouve le temps de vous parler du SIMP, après cette merveilleuse journée c'était le retour à  l'école.
Tout d'abord des photos de quelques stands. En fait c'est assez difficile de prendre des photos.

At last I have some time to talk about the SIMP, after the wonderful day it was back to school
First some photos of a few tables. In fact it is not very easy to take photos.

Mes voisins - My neighbours :

Les très beaux meubles de Philippe Voyer - Philippe Voyer's wonderful furniture

Les fleurs de Pascale Garnier, vous savez comme j'aime ses kits. Sur son stand de très jolies scènes, la poupée est de Catherine Munière.

Pascale Garnier's flowers, you know  I love her kits. On her table very lovely scenes, the doll is by Catherine Munière.

La table d'Elisabeth Causeret - Elisabeth Causeret's table
J'aime son travail, j'ai acheté des miniatures au 1/24ème pour la roulotte. Nous nous connaissons depuis très longtemps, son stand était loin du mien.

I love her work, I bought 1/24th miniatures for my gypsy caravan. We have known each other for a very long time, her table was far from mine.

Mon stand - My table

Je suis désolée pour la qualité des photos. I am sorry for the quality of the photos.

Le deuxième aspect de cette journée est que j'ai eu le grand plaisir de rencontrer des bloggeuses, cela va rester un merveilleux souvenir. J'ai enfin pu faire la connaissance de Synnove, Rosanna, Christel Jensen, Michelle and Miniarche. Pouvoir se parler après avoir communiqué par blogs était très excitant.
Aussi c'était très agréable de revoir Léa Frisoni, Blondie et Emma (Paris Miniatures).

The second part of the day is that I had the great pleasure to see some bloggers, it will remain a wonderful memory. At last I was able to meet Synnove, Rosanna, Christel Jensen, Michelle and Miniarche. To be able to talk after having communicated by blogs was very exciting.
It was also very pleasant to see again Léa Frisoni, Blondie and Emma (Paris Miniatures).

Troisième chose : Les achats. J'ai trouvé des miniatures intéressantes, que je vous montrerai très bientôt.

Third thing : purchases. I found interesting miniatures, I will show them very soon.

A suivre  ...               
  To be continued  ...

16 commentaires:

julietk a dit…

That looks like a loevly Fair :-)

by Sonya Rotella a dit…

Your table is fantastic.I love your Gipsy bags and the pillows are very chic!
Big Hug

Meli a dit…

What a lovely table you had!!! The pillows are so so beautiful!!!!
It seems to have been a great fair!!!
Waiting the the second part!
Warm regards,

Norma a dit…

Your little pieces look so pretty. Of the other things I really like the garden scene with thesmall child.

It must have been such a wonderful experience to see all the fabulous work, and how awesome to meet the gorgeous 'blogging girls'. Looking forward to part 2 :)

rosanna a dit…

Hallo Geneviève,it has been nice to meet you and Maman.Thanks so much for the link, I have already ordered a book. I don't know if I'll use it in my project but it was simply too beautiful to do without.Have a nice day, Rosanna

Maria Narbon a dit…

My bonita tu mesa!!!
Nice work!!
A ver si el próximo año consigo ir a SIMP, a exponer, o aunque solo sea de visita...

Anthoula a dit…

I can see you had a great time!
I wish next year I can join you!

Caseymini a dit…

What a wonderful table. The show looks so exciting. I am sure that you had a great time. I wish I could have been there!

Ascension a dit…

Me alegro que lo pasases bien.
Tu mesa esta llena de preciosas minis.
Muchisimas gracias por las fotos.
Volvere a pasar para ver tus compras.
besitos ascension

Wee Cute Treasures a dit…

What beautiful items you made. I love the little bags and the footstool and the cushions on the little sofa are SO SO cute.

Thank you for sharing some of the rest of the show items with those of us who were not able to attend. I love Pascale Garnier's flowers - does she have a website from which to buy her kits?

I was so happy to read your comment over on my own blog about understanding real life chaos and the total bliss in being able to retreat into the world of miniatures where everything is always perfect!!

Carol xoxox

Irene a dit…

Pleased to hear you enjoyed the fair and your table looked great - the cushions are lovely. I like the little garden scenes too.

Patty a dit…

Genvieve, Thank you so much for sharing all your wonderful photos! What great items there were to see. I LOVE your table and all of the wonderful things that you have made. They are FABULOUS!!!!! I would love to know how to buy some of the flower kits also of Pascale. They look so real!!

Sabiha Barkey a dit…

Dear Genvieve,

I'm so sorry that I have been at jour table and did not know you were there. I know you would be at the SIMP, but as a visitor. If I had knew you were there with a table I would have wanted to see you and talk to you!!!
I do hope so, that I will be able to go again to Paris next year, and will not let go by, without meeting you in real!!!


synnøve a dit…

Hi again Genviéve!!!
It was so lovely to meet you in person!!!!
I just wish the SIMP would be for more than one day, then we could all go out for dinner and talk a lot more!!!! I had a really nice time, but I realize I should have spent also the last hour at the fair!!!
But we went to see the Notre Dame church and got to see the mass....it was really wonderful!!!
Love the pictures and look forward to pictures of your buyings!!!

Flor a dit…

¡Que cosas mas bonitas hiciste 0 = !!! Y gracias por las fotos de otras mesas ( ;
Debe ser lo máximo ir a un evento de miniaturas... Espero algún día poder hacerlo!
Un beso

dale a dit…

You've taken such wonderful pictures! Thank you for sharing them. Your items look great. I hope you had a successful show.

Isn't it wonderful to meet your online friends in person? It's just the best thing evah! :)

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