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mercredi 13 avril 2016

jardinage (épisode 1) - gardening (part 1)

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Quelqu'un a l'air de travailler dans le jardin,

It seems that someone is working in the garden,

apparemment cette personne est très occupée.

apparently this person is very busy.

Mais qui est elle? - But who is it? 

Et où est cette personne? - And where is that person?

On entend des voix, - Voices can be heard,

Celles d'un homme et d'une femme. 

 Those of a man and a woman.

Ils parlent de ce qui est à faire dans le jardin. 

They are speaking about what has to be done in the garden.

La femme a plein d'idées et on comprend que c'est son jardin.

The woman is full of ideas and we understand that it is her garden.

On apprend que l'homme s'appelle M. Martin Bonjardin.

We learn that the man is called Mr Martin Goodgarden.

M. Bonjardin : "Alors, qu'est ce que vous voulez que je fasse maintenant?"
Mamie : "Apportez moi les renoncules, s'il vous plait." 

Mr Goodgarden : "So, what do you want me to do now?"
Grandma : "Bring me the globeflower, please."

Mamie à elle même : "Mais pourquoi prend il sa brouette qui est pleine de choses pour un seul pot? Typique de Martin."

Grandma to herself : "But why is he taking his wheelbarrow which is full of things for just one pot? That's typical of Martin."

 M. Bonjardin : "Voilà, Solange."
Mamie : "Merci. Je vais le prendre."
M. bonjardin : "Non, Je vais le poser sur la table."
Mamie : " Oh, très bien."

Mr. Goodgarden : "Here you are, Solange."
Grandma : "Thank you. I'll take it."
Mr Goodgarden : "No, you won't. I'll put it on the table."
Grandma : "Oh, very well."

A suivre ... - To be continued ...

16 commentaires:

Rosethé a dit…

Le jardin est entre de bonnes mains.
Le nom du jardinier est juste une coïncidence... ou pas 😊
Déjà de jolies fleurs !
Une nouvelle histoire qui commence bien. Amicalement.

Linda Carswell a dit…

I don't think there is anything more delightful than a miniature garden.....your plants look lovely! Hope you are enjoying your Spring.
Linda x

jean-claude a dit…

Voila un sujet bien d'actualité!
Magnifique photos Geneviève, très réalistes, on se croirait dans un vrai jardin.

thea a dit…

Heel mooi en realistisch gemaakt.

Groet Thea

Niele♡ a dit…

So sweet, climatic and fresh spring scene!! Well done. I love the fact that you show us a lots of plants in good spots!! Well done!

Piikko a dit…

Oh, so lovely to meet you M.Bonjardin!
I think we'll make a great friendship in the future. :)
I think you know a lot from gardening.
Martin, (may I call you Martin?) you are very welcome to join our mini clubs' garden project if you wish.
Well, if Solange let you... She might want to keep you around all the time.

Tessa Liduina a dit…

Such a sweet garden. Love it. Very inspiring, so thanks for sharing.

17-17 a dit…

Geneviève, I wasn't sure about scale when I perceived old, dirty shoes, I thought those ones are really! :-D
Big hugs!

Cinderella Moments a dit…

All those flowers are so beautiful. I adore your water garden. Everything is so pretty!

Drora's minimundo a dit…

M. Bonjardin is certainly taking good care of this beautiful garden.
The little pool is beautiful and the flowers in full bloom are very pretty.
Hugs, Drora

Elizabeth S a dit…

I love your dirt Genevieve! I know that that sounds strange but the soil in the wheelbarrow looks rich and damp and perfect for potting up your lovely flower pots as well as topping up the veggies in the cold frame.
I am really looking forward to see how Solange and Mr. Goodgarden get her garden growing. Should be fun! :D


Nina a dit…


What a lovely, lovely place to dream about, this tiny garden of yours. :)

Kind regards from Riverside,

miniacollection a dit…

Un grand merci pour tous vos si gentils commentaires! J'espère que le 2ème épisode vous plaira aussi.

A big thank you for all your so kind comments! I hope you'll enjoy part 2 as much.

miniacollection a dit…

Piikko, thanks a lot for your comment! Martin has never left his village, travelling would be a great experience, however I don't think Solange and other people would let him go...

Wee Cute Treasures a dit…

Wonderful garden scene Genevieve. Your flowers are so pretty. I especially like the anemones. Look forward to the second half of the story.....
Mini hug, Carol

miniacollection a dit…

Carol, thank you so much!!!

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