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vendredi 15 mars 2013

Nina et sa nouvelle amie Vera (épisode 1) - Nina and her new friend Vera (part 1)

 Nina : "Comme je suis contente de te voir Vera!"

Nina : "How happy I am to see you Vera!"

Vera : "Moi aussi! Tu vas mieux?"
Nina : "Heureusement oui! Maintenant ma grippe est finie, mais je suis encore fatiguée."

Vera : "Me too! Are you feeling better?"
Nina : "Fortunately I am! Now my flu is finished, but I'm still tired."

 Vera : "Pour t'aider à te sentir mieux je t'ai apporté des meringues."
Nina : "Avec toi et tes meringues cela va être une super après midi."

Vera : "To help you feel better I brought you some meringues."
Nina : "With you and the meringues it's going to be a great afternoon."

 Nina : "Oh, tu as aussi apporté ta poupée. Super! Avant de jouer il faut que je boive mon jus d'orange, c'est mieux que les médicaments."

Nina : "Oh, you also brought your doll. Great! Before playing I must drink my orange juice, it's better than medicine".

 Nina : "L'avantage de la grippe c'est que maman veut que je prenne des vitamines, alors beaucoup d'oranges."

Nina : "The good thing of the flu is that mum wants me to take vitamins, so a lot of oranges."

 Vera : "Elle est où ta soeur?"
Nina : "Lucie est en vacances chez mamie. Je suis restée à la maison car j'étais encore malade quand elle est partie."

Vera : "Where is your sister?"
Nina : "Lucie is on holiday at grandma's. I stayed at home because I was still sick when she left."

Vera : "Cela ne te gêne pas? 
Nina : "Je verrai mamie quand elle reviendra avec Lucie et je peux jouer avec toi. Aussi comme ça Je suis la chouchou de maman"
Vera " Et moi je ne serai pas toute seule pendant les vacances."

Vera : "Don't you mind?"
Nina : "I'll see grandma when she comes back with Lucie and I can play with you. Also this way I'm mum's pet."
Vera : "And I won't be alone during the holiday."

 Nina : "Viens Vera, allons dans ma chambre! Je vais te montrer Adèle."

Nina : "Come Vera, let's go to my bedroom! I'm going to show you Adèle."

Vera : "Attends! Je vais prendre ma poupée."

Vera : "Wait! I'm going to take my doll."

En France beaucoup de monde, comme Nina, a eu la grippe avant les vacances, moi aussi...

In France a lot of people, like Nina, had the flu before the holiday, so did I... 

Vera est de Sun Joo Lee ainsi que sa poupée, son sac et son duffle-coat

Vera is by Sun Joo Lee like her doll, her bag and her duffel coat.

Bon week-end! - Have a nice weekend!

32 commentaires:

Margriet a dit…

Vera is so cute!!! I'm glad for Nina she has such a nice friend!!!

Lil a dit…

Such a nice story. The girl are so cute!

Lil in Sweden

Marta a dit…

Hello from Spain, Nina and Vera are very lovely. Both are very cute. I like very much your dolls and pics. Keep in touch

Karine L a dit…

Quelles jolies frimousses !! J'adore le petit air timide de Véra.
C'est adorable.

Sanschichis a dit…

Quelle jolie petite amie! Je viens de découvrir les poupées de Sun Joo Lee et je suis sous le charme!

Wyrna Christensen a dit…

It's always nice to be an only child a little and be spoiled. Cute story and sweet and polite child, you made ​​me smile and I still do. Thanks for a nice story.

Fabiola a dit…

Vera est très jolie.

Maria Ireland a dit…

Lovely story.I love your new doll and her little doll is beautiful. It remind's me of when My kids were small and every Christmas an aunt of my husbands bought these dolls for my girls :)
Hugs Maria

Nina in Germany a dit…

Your dolls are so lovely!
I like them.

Katrina a dit…

Hi, beautiful story. It is nice that Vera has got a new friend. Hugs Kati

Liduina a dit…

You a wrote a sweet little story and illustrated it with lovely scenes. It has been a real pleasure to read this post! Hugs, liduina

Plushpussycat a dit…

Vera is such a darling doll! Great find! I'm glad you're over the flu, Genevieve. May you feel better each day. xo Jennifer

Piikko a dit…

So sweet story about the new friendship!♥ Vera looks a bit shy but soon she'll feel like at home with help of Nina. You know, at first they will play with they dolls and after... You will find them jumping on the bed. :):D :)
Both girls are adorable.♥
-Glad you got over the flu. Maybe oranges helped. :)

Nono a dit…

J'adore la poupée Véra!!!Je ne con- nais pas Sun Joo Lee, mais sa poupée a une très jolie expression!!!

Luce Fédière a dit…

Quel plaisir de retrouver Nina!
J'espère que tu es en forme, la grippe a été rude cette année.
Vera est vraiment très jolie.
J'ai essayé de m'inscrire au blog de Sun Joo Lee, mais je n'ai rien compris au coréen et pas de traducteur!

Wee Cute Treasures a dit…

I hope you are feeling better after your 'flu. These photos are so sweet. Love the orange juice. Carol :)

Lucille a dit…

J'espere bien que tu te remets de ta grippe, Genevieve! Vera est une poupee magnifique. J'aimerais ajouter que lorsque j'etais fillette, j'avais une poupee comme celle de Vera. Il y un nom pour ces poupees, mais je ne m'en souviens plus.

Rosethé a dit…
Ce commentaire a été supprimé par l'auteur.
Rosethé a dit…

Elle est très mignonne cette petite Véra !

Un Taller de Miniaturas a dit…



Jollie a dit…

Vera is such a beautiful girl! And Nina has a nice friend to play with now her sister is at Grandmom's :)

Irene a dit…

It was nice to meet Vera - another lovely addition to your stories.

I hope you've recovered from the flu by now.

Sab a dit…

She is a cutie:)))))

minwks a dit…

Hi Genevieve, Just wanted to let you know that my Grandaughter and I are waiting for the next episode of the story.
Here is a message for Vera.... Hello, my name is Finn, I lost my first tooth yesterday. the tooth fairy came and left me a note she has very nice writing. I am seven.i,m glad your friend could visit. Bye for now. Finn

Exploring mini blogs is another enjoyable time we spend together.

I think a mirror would suit the cupboard.

All the best.
Regards Janine

Diane a dit…

Sooo sweet!

Elizabeth S a dit…

Hello Genevieve! What a cute story this is! Your little girls are so precious and Vera is delightful! What fun to have a new friend for your beautiful children to play with.


Giac a dit…

Hell oGenevieve,
I am happy she had a friend to keep her company while she was unwell. I love your stories.
Big hug,

miniacollection a dit…

Un immense merci pour tous vos si gentils commentaires!

A huge thank you for all your very kind comments!


Cinderella Moments a dit…

We had the flu too this holiday. I only caught mine in January though. Vera has a beautiful face! And her little doll is so cute!

miniacollection a dit…

Caroline, thank you so much!

Gill a dit…

Vera is such a gorgeous addition. They are all so cute! Gill x

miniacollection a dit…

Gill, thanks a lot!

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