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samedi 1 février 2014

La mouette baladeuse et la façade - The wandering seagull and the front of the house

Au bord de la mer il y a toujours des mouettes.

At the seaside there are always seagulls.

La mouette semble apprécier la maison.

The seagull seems to enjoy the house.

La mouette est de Miniarche.

The seagull is by Miniarche.

Le panier avec les fleurs est de Drora's minimundo.
J'ai reçu d'autres miniatures de Drora, vous les verrez dans la maison dans un autre post.

The hanging basket with the flowers is by Drora's minimundo.
I got other miniatures by Drora, you will see them in another post.

Mon compagnon a fait la boîte aux lettres. Maintenant la maison a un nom : Villa La mouette.

My companion made the letterbox. Now the house has got a name : Villa La mouette (the seagull).

Bon week-end! - Have a nice weekend!

30 commentaires:

Eliana a dit…

I love these pics! Such beautiful seagull!

Piikko a dit…

Oh, how great! You 'turned' your companion to miniaturist! Villa La mouette's letter box is perfect!!!
I also like very much how your seagulls is flying around house. Drora's pretty red flowers are perfect match to your seaside house. Hugs, piikko

Ilona a dit…

Bonjour Genevieve! I like to see flying your wonderful seagull around the house, perhaps he is looking for apiece of bread?? The hanging basket full with flowers from Drora is wonderful. I always like to see your scenes in miniature, one can dream of lovely stories with them :D!
Bonne week-end!
Amicalement, Ilona

Wyrna Christensen a dit…

Your sea gulls are quite wonderful and a very fine name you have given your house. It fits so perfectly.

Dakota a dit…

Esa gaviota es perfecta!


Drora's minimundo a dit…

The seagull is so cute. Thank you for displaying so beautifully my humble giveaway.
A warm hug, Drora

Frederica a dit…

The photos are beautiful , I love the seagul siting around your seaside house , awesome
love from Frederica

Frederica a dit…
Ce commentaire a été supprimé par l'auteur.
Vicky Lovejoy a dit…

Oh how wonderful!! Every seaside home needs a seagull :) Your photos are wonderful, it's all looking gorgeous!! hugs ♥ ♥

Eva a dit…

The seagull is perfect for you seaside house...and the name too :)

Plushpussycat a dit…

The seagull is so cute, and Drora's flowers look gorgeous the way you have them hung on the house. I have a similar plan for mine, but now I must find a hook like yours. Fun photos! xo Jennifer

Cinderella Moments a dit…

Great name for the house! The seagull is perfect for the scene. You took great photos.

17-17 a dit…

Hi Genevieve! Drora's flowers are beautiful. I love your house facade, well done. And the seagull is pretty

Lili56 a dit…

La façade de la maison est très jolie, la mouette et le panier de fleurs aussi
Amitiés, Lli

Pepper Mitcheson a dit…

Cool seagull. I live near the coast and have to guard my ice cream because they love to swoop down and steal it =0P

Fabiola a dit…

La mouette est très jolie. Ces scènes sont fantastiques.
Amicalement, Faby

Giac a dit…

Bonjour Genevieve,
La mouette et les fleurs sont superset la boite aux lettres est tres bien fait. Ce sont de magnifiques ajouts a votre collection.
A bientot,

*Mieke*Petitevictorianrose*and*PastTimeChildhood a dit…

Bonjour Genevieve, what a beautiful name for the house and Drora´s flowers look lovely the way you hung them on the house !
The seagull seems to enjoy the house very much :)
You took geat pictures !

Hugs Mieke xxx

Lady Fanaberia a dit…

Great seagul - it looks so realistic :) I like all the photos :) :)
Pozdrawiam :)

Lindsey Domer a dit…

Looks like you are ready for spring with that lovely hanging flower basket and bird! The mailbox is a great touch as well.

Rosethé a dit…

Le nom de cette jolie maison et très bien choisi, cette adorable mouette semble en avoir fait sa résidence !

miniacollection a dit…

Quel plaisir de lire tous vos commentaires!

What a pleasure to read all your comments!


Eemaiva a dit…

I love these pictures! So beautiful seagull! And a very nice name for the house <3 Hugs Eeva

miniacollection a dit…

Eemaiva thank you very much!

Elizabeth S a dit…

Hi Genevieve! I love the name for the villa and the house number and the letterbox! All of them are Perfect for this little seaside home. Of course, every summer place needs red geraniums and Drora's hanging basket provide additional color and charm.
And the Seagull is an absolute MUST too! That is always one of the very first things that one associates with a home by the sea; the constant call of the gulls and the endless circles that they weave through the skies.:D


miniacollection a dit…

Elizabeth a big thank you!

Riitta a dit…

Lovely seagull seems curious and house front well done. Seagulls arrive to Helsinki in spring. I don't know where they spend the winter, in France perhaps.

miniacollection a dit…

Riitta a big thank you!

LaBelleCuisine Miniaturas / ShabbyParis Dolls a dit…

J´adore la mouette!!!

miniacollection a dit…

Marina un grand merci!

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