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mercredi 29 juin 2016

de retour du SIMP 2016 - back from the SIMP 2016

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 Cette année j'ai changé la présentation sur ma table. 

This year I changed the display on my table.

Comme vous pouvez peut-être le voir j'avais réussi à finir ma dernière broderie.
As you may see I had managed to complete my latest needlepoint.

 Le salon était le dimanche et je l'ai finie le vendredi.

The fair was on Sunday and I finished it on Friday.

Elle est brodée sur de la gaze de soie 23 points/cm

It is stitched on 60 count silk gauze

avec des fils de soie Au Ver à Soie.
 with Au Ver à Soie silk threads.

Je suis rentré avec un petit garçon de Julien Martinez, il y a longtemps que j'admire ses poupées. Ce fut difficile de choisir, toutes ces poupées me plaisaient. Vous pouvez voir d'autres de ces poupées sur son blog

I came back with a little boy by Julien Martinez, I have admired his dolls for a very long time. It was difficult to choose, I loved all his dolls. You can see more of his dolls on his blog.

 J'ai choisi un garçon car je n'en ai qu'un ( je sais on le voit très rarement...). L'oiseau est de Miniarche.

I chose a boy because I've only got one (I know I rarely show him...). The bird is by Miniarche.

 J'ai aussi eu un cadeau par la si gentille Véronique Cornish. Je la connais depuis bien des années.

I also got a present from Véronique Cornish, she is such a kind woman. I've known her for many years.
Patrick Duclou m'avait demandé une broderie et il m'a vraiment gâtée avec toutes ces miniatures de Winesiam.

Patrick Duclou wanted one of my needlepoint and he really spoiled me with all these miniatures by Winesiam.

C'est toujours un plaisir de participer au SIMP, chaque année j'y vois de merveilleuses miniatures. C'est aussi une occasion pour rencontrer et parler avec des gens qui ont la même passion que moi.

It is always a pleasure to attend the SIMP, every year I see wonderful miniatures. It is also an opportunity to meet and talk with people who have got the same passion.

Bonne semaine! - Have a good week!

13 commentaires:

Elizabeth S a dit…

Hi Genevieve! I am so glad that you had a great time at SIMP this year! Your new young man will be a Terrific addition to your resident French Family or as a new playmate for the girls! You may end up having to accommodate another property by the sea just so that he has a home to go to at the end of the day! ;P
Meanwhile your collection of treasures are Wonderful and your show table looked to be Well Stocked with your Amazing needework- lucky Patrick and Lucky You! :D

Wee Cute Treasures a dit…

Your stand looks lovely and all your beautiful things are displayed so prettily. You were working up to the end though! I hope you can relax now. Love the little treasures you picked up and were given. Gorgeous.
Carol x

Piikko a dit…

Hi! How great to hear your SIMP news! I was already waiting.:)
Your new table display looks so good and shows well your beautiful works. ♥
You also made lovely purchases. I think that this little guy have some boy's secrets and tricks in his mind. Is he baby Paul's big brother? Or cousin? Well, you let us know. Won't you?! :)
Hugs, piikko

Linda Carswell a dit…

Your work looks wonderful Genevieve and displayed to perfection. I adore your purchases and gifts, I sat here so far from Paris and thought of you all having a fabulous time at SIMP......I so hope to get there again one day...love it!!!!
Linda x

Drora's minimundo a dit…

Your stand looks beautiful and elegant. Your needlework, especially the latest are gorgeous. I love the little boy and the lovely bird and look forward to see both in your future posts. Enjoy your gifts which are
Hugs, Drora

anisnofla a dit…

¡Maravilloso bordado!

Ilona a dit…

Bonjour Geneviève! I'm glad to read that you could finish your latest work just in time and that you had a wonderful time at SIMP! Your new display looks good and it shows your works very well. I love all of your newest additions, but especially the little boy. He is so cute with that tiny bird on his arm :)!
Enjoy the gifts of Patrick, indeed Winesiam makes the most beautiful glasswork.
Amicalement, Ilona

Joc a dit…

Bonne idée, ce garçon a vraiment une bonne bouille.
Et les broderies sont superbes.

minwks a dit…

Hi Genevieve, What a lovely collection of work you had on your table. The acrylic supports do don't distract one from the fine work you are doing. I was most impressed that you managed to finish your 60 count picture - it must have been frantic at the last to get it done.
So a little boy has joined your family. It must have been difficult to choose. No doubt we will see the boys in the near future?
Of course SIMP in Paris is one of the "hope to attend" shows for many of us. Thank you for showing us some of the treasures.
Regards Janine

Cinderella Moments a dit…

The display looked fantastic! Love the little boy. He has an adorable face. Your gifts are so cute. It's always good to have pitchers and glassware. So happy you had fun.

dalesdreams a dit…

I really love the needlework you've been doing. <3

Capucine miiniatures 1:12 a dit…

Il est vraiment beau ce stand! C'est 1 vraie réussite!
En élargissant les photos de tes broderies, on peut voir toute leur finesse, tout leur raffinement et toute leur délicatesse! Elles sont vraiment magnifiques!!!
Le petit garçon est sympa. Bonne idée d'avoir mis l'oiseau sur son bras, il y a trouvé sa place, comme 1 évidence (même au niveau des couleurs!!!).

miniacollection a dit…

Un grand merci pour tous vos commentaires que j'ai eu beaucoup de plaisir à lire.

A big thank you for all your comments, it was a pleasure to read them.

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