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jeudi 26 avril 2012

mes achats - my purchases

Le livre de Cynthia que je ne me lasse pas de regarder. Il est plein d'inspiration avec de très belles photos. Pour en savoir plus Cynthia's cottage designs

Cynthia's book, I don't grow tired of looking at it. It is full of inspiration with beautiful photos. To know more about it Cynthia's cottage designs

Les assiettes sont de A Lavender Dilly, sur son blog vous trouverez un lien pour sa boutique Etsy.

The plates are by A Lavender Dilly, on her blog you will find a link to her Etsy shop.

Le sac et les mugs sont de Baking in miniature, elle a aussi une boutique Etsy.

The bag and the mugs are by Baking in miniature, she also has an Etsy shop.

Ceux sont des choses que j'aime aussi dans la vraie vie.
These are things I also like in real life.

34 commentaires:

Vicky a dit…

Hi Genevieve,
I also purchased a copy of Cynthia's book and I agree, you can never grow tired of looking at it!!
I have some of those gorgeous plates too :) and I have admired the beautiful work by Baking in Miniature. Those tiny mugs are divine!!
Enjoy and thanks for sharing,
vicky xxx

Fabiola a dit…

Vous avez acheté des choses merveilleuses.

Gemma a dit…

Son preciosas todas tus compras, me gustan mucho estos estampados de flores.
Un beso

Lucille a dit…

Bonjour Genevieve! Tes achats sont merveilleuses! J'ai decide de me procurer ce livre de Cynthia. Je ne viens pas a bout de me l'enlever de la tete! J'adore ces petits "mugs" et les assiettes de Lavender Dilly sont magnifiques. A bientot!

Lara a dit…

I love everything you have bought. Wow!

Eva a dit…

So pretty, very adequate for spring time:)

Piikko a dit…

I have also purchased Cynthia's book but it haven't arrived yet. I can not wait to get it in my hands!!!!
I love your other purchased too.
I think that I have to make a long visit to those links you gave. :)
Hugs, piikko

Plushpussycat a dit…

Hi Genevieve! I bought Cynthia's book too. I love looking at the pictures--the book is full of inspiration! I love A Lavender Dilly too! I just went over to Etsy to check out Baking in Miniature--what a nice shop! Thank you for providing access to these lovely resources!

BTW, tomorrow I will reveal giveaway #8 in my Birthday Bash Giveaway. In case you didn't know, you must leave a comment for each prize you are interested in. If there are more prizes you might like, please come back to my blog and leave comments by Thursday, May 3--thanks! :-) Jennifer

Rosethé a dit…

de très belles acquisitions !
Que la vaisselle est jolie.

La Belle Cuisine / ShabbyParis a dit…

I loooove your purchase!!! Cynthia's miniatures are very beautiful! Hugs

Sandy a dit…

OH... you found some treasures! I'm your newest follower...please come on over for a visit with me when you can.
Have a lovely day.

Irene a dit…

That's a lovely selection and the book looks very interest too. I'm off to have a look!

17-17 a dit…

J'aime aussi les choses qu'il fait Cynthia. Tu as pris tasses belles!
Combien de temps tu es attend pour l'expédition de l'Australie?

miniacollection a dit…

Merci beaucoup pour vos commentaires! Je les apprécie toujours beaucoup.

Thank you very much for your comments! They are always appreciated.

17-17 je ne peux pas dire exactement le temps j'ai attendu pour les assiettes d'Australie. Mais pour venir de si loin cela ne m'a pas semblé très long.

Jennifer, thank you for the information about your giveaway; I understood the rules, so don't be surprised if I haven't written a comment to each post. All giveaways are gorgeous but I prefer some to others. I hope it doesn't offend you.
Anyway your giveaway is a wonderful idea and very generous.


Anna a dit…

Przepiękne rzeczy tworzysz.
Pozdrawiam serdecznie.

Nancy a dit…

Amazing purchases! Woww I love it!! Gr. Nancy

miniacollection a dit…

Thanks a lot Anna and Nancy!

Sylvia a dit…

Very cute! I love the flowers!

Woolytales Miniatures a dit…

Genevieve, I love the little cups, plates and this book? where is the link for it?
I came looking for your girls... hope they are all doing well,grin!


agaphcia a dit…


Cinderella Moments a dit…

I love everything you got! You have exquisite tastes!

miniacollection a dit…

Thanks a lot Sylvia, Agaphcia and Caroline! I love reading your comments.

Thanks a lot Patricia!
The girls are well I've taken photos of them for a future post.
Concerning the links for my purchases, just click on the names of the blogs and once on these blogs you will find a link for their Etsy shops and the book.
Thanks also for your mail.


Wee Cute Treasures a dit…

Oh Oh Oh these are so precious. Love them. Beautiful choice and so cute! Best wishes, Carol :)

miniacollection a dit…

Thanks a lot Carol!

mijbil a dit…

Mais sont adorables, les mugs et le minuscule sac en particulier! :)
Un salut de Venise,


miniacollection a dit…

Merci beaucoup Mijbil!

*Mieke*Petitevictorianrose*and*PastTimeChildhood a dit…

Hi Genevieve, you bought such pretty and beautiful treasures, they all look soooo lovely :)
Thank you for the links !

Hugs Mieke xxx

miniacollection a dit…

Thanks a lot Mieke!

Sandy a dit…

Thanks for sharing all your mini goodies! I'm so smitten with the Cath Kidston look...those cups, the bag..oh my! I want them too! Have fun playing... and, thanks so much for stopping by and visiting me.
Have a lovely weekend.
xoso sandy

Raminhos de Pano a dit…

Nossa, deve ser um livro lindo, Afinal,tudo que ela faz parece real.

Jollie a dit…

I love all your purchases, you have a great taste!!
I am sure you will enjoy them very much :-)

Hugs Jollie

miniacollection a dit…

Thanks a lot Sandy, Fernanda and Jollie!

dollhouse miniature a dit…

It can be difficult to remember when looking at these photographs that you are actually seeing a miniature.

miniacollection a dit…

Thanks a lot for your comment Dollhouse Miniature!

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