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mercredi 31 août 2011

Un village anglais - An English village

Quand j'ai visité la maison d'Anne de Cleves à Lewes j'ai vu ces maisons à monter. Je ne pouvais pas résister et je les ai achetées.

When I was visiting Anne of Cleves House in Lewes I saw these cut-out houses. I could not resist and had to buy them.

Bien sur, Nina et Lucie sont ravies, elles ont encore l'impression d'être en Angleterre.
Of course, Nina and Lucie are very pleased, they feel like being in England again.

cottage (front)
 cottage (back)

large house (front)
large house (back)

white swan inn (front)
white swan inn (back)

manor house (front)
manor house (back)

village shop and post office (front)
village shop and post office (back)

country church (front)
 country church (back)

Nina et Lucie pensent que vous devriez  aller voir le site web de ces maisons, cliquez ici. Ils proposent plein de choses adorables.

Nina and Lucie think you should go and see the website of these houses, click here. They have plenty of gorgeous things.

Elles sont très faciles à faire.
They are very easy to make.

34 commentaires:

Garden of Miniatures a dit…

They are really cute and I think ,they also would be very nice in a toy shop. Is the scale like a house in 1:144 ? Thanks for sharing this;-) Jeannette

winterludes a dit…


KC-Design a dit…

So cute. I really like them.


Flor a dit…

¡Que casitas más bonitas!! Cada una tiene su encanto especial ( =
Un besito

Catherine / Mooghiscath a dit…

J'adore les découpages , elles sont toutes mignonnes.

Heleni a dit…

I like them all Genevieve.


Lotte a dit…

Your tiny village looks so nice! Very cute :)

Piikko a dit…

Oh my..! Oh my..! I do understand very well why you could not resist to buy tthese houses!!! Tiny village is adorable.
I am not sure if I should visit the link you gave?!;) I'm afraid that I can not resist... But maybe I do because Nina and Lucie recommended it.:)Hugs, piikko


Son preciosas todas , me encantan.


Susanne a dit…

Very cute!

Lataina a dit…

Oh, they're so cute!!! =)

Irene a dit…

These are lovely. I've never seen little cutouts like these before. Just think of the stories you could create round these, Genevieve!

Eliana a dit…

The houses are beautiful! I think the girls loved them!

Minimami a dit…

I doubt the wasy part but the houses look lovely!

Kate a dit…

What a charming little paper village! I enjoy so much reading about the adventures of Nina and Lucie!

Katrina a dit…

So many cute, small houses. Hugs Kati

karmucaycuquino a dit…

que bonitas son y además no parece muy difícil montarlas,
gracias por el link
un saludo desde España

miniacollection a dit…

Muchas gracias! Merci beaucoup! Thanks a lot!

To Jeannette and all, I don't know the scale.
The cottage is 8cms high and almost 11cms wide


Plushpussycat a dit…

These cut-out houses are super-cute, Genevieve! Thanks for sharing them!

Alicia a dit…

J'aime les petites maisons Genevieve, sont bien mignonnes.

Jollie a dit…

Lovely little houses!! I can imagine that Nina and Lucy are very happy with them.
Thanks for sharing the link.

Hugs Jollie

Sylvia a dit…

Very nice!

miniacollection a dit…

Thanks a lot - Muchas Gracias

Teresa Martínez- IGMA artisan a dit…

Son muy bonitas!

Ivani Grande a dit…

hello Genevieve got a mention in my blog to see you go! bjs

miniacollection a dit…

Muchas Gracias Teresa!

Thanks a lot Ivani!


Anne a dit…

Thank you all very much for your kind comments. The village is easy to make. Each building has only 7 pieces and one of those is the base it stands on. Re scale, the average door height is 23mm.

miniacollection a dit…

Anne,Thank you so much for your comment, it will be very useful for the bloggers

Maria Ireland a dit…

Beautiful houses they are so cute. Thank you for sharing. Hugs Maria

miniacollection a dit…

Thank you Maria

Gill a dit…

I loved your little cottages and visited the link - Ha! I had to buy some, of course! Gill x

miniacollection a dit…

Thanks a lot Gill. Anne will be very pleased.

mijbil a dit…

Just lovely! I used to design my own paper toys, they are so funny :)

miniacollection a dit…

Thanks a lot Mijbil.

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