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jeudi 16 octobre 2014

Nina et Lucie à la ferme (épisode 1) - Nina and Lucie at the farm (part 1)

Félicie s'occupe tranquillement de ses animaux,

Félicie is looking peacefully after her animals,

quand mamie, sur le chemin de la maison après les courses, arrive avec ses petites filles.

when grandma, on her way home after shopping, arrives with her granddaughters.

Mamie : "Bonjour Félicie, les filles voulaient voir les animaux et nous venons aussi chercher du lait."

Grandma : "Hello Félicie, the girls wanted to see the animals and we also come to get some milk."

Félicie : "Solange, vous savez comme c'est toujours un plaisir de voir vos petites filles. Nina est une vraie fille de la campagne avec son pot à lait."
Mamie : "Inutile de vous dire comme elle est fière."

Félicie : "Solange, you know how I always enjoy seeing your granddaughters. Nina is a true farm girl with her milk can."
Grandma : "No need to tell you how proud she is."

Lucie : "Oh, regardez il y a un oeuf! C'est comme à Pâques."

Lucie : "Oh, look there is an egg! It's like Easter."

Mamie : "Ma petite Lucie, tu me fais rire. On voit que tu n' es pas habituée à la campagne."
Félicie : "Tu as vu la poule le surveille, mais vous pouvez le prendre et nous allons en chercher d'autres."

Grandma : "My little Lucie, you make me laugh. We can see that you're not used to the countryside."
Félicie : "You can see that the hen is watching it, but you can take it and we're going to look for more."

Mamie : "Je vais poser mon sac, il commence à être lourd."
Lucie : "Je vais t'aider et porter les clés."

Grandma : "I'll put my bag down, it's starting to be heavy."
Lucie : "I'll help you and carry the keys."

Nina : "Mamie, l'oie est intéressée par le pain. J'espère qu'elle ne va pas le manger."
Félicie : "Ah! Solange vos petites filles sont drôles, on ne s'ennuie jamais avec elles."

Nina : "Grandma, the goose seems interested in the bread. I hope it won't eat it."
Félicie : "Ah! Solange your granddaughters are funny, you never get bored with them."

Lucie : "Je peux pas ramasser l’œuf, si je pose mon chien il va se salir."

Lucie : "I can't pick up the egg, if I put my dog down it will be dirty."

Nina : "Je vais le ramasser."
Félicie: "Vas y! Je vais tenir ton pot à lait."

Nina : "I'm going to pick it up."
Félicie : "Go and do it! I'll hold your milk can."

Sarah, merci beaucoup pour les clés et le pot à lait!
Les animaux sont de Miniarche.

Sarah, thank you very much for the keys and the milk can!
The animals are by Miniarche.

25 commentaires:

The grandmommy a dit…

Si adorable. J'aime les expressions sur tous les visages des poupées!

Candy a dit…

I hope they had fun at the farm!! Everything looks so lovely:)

elizabeth s a dit…

Hi Genevieve! I always LOVE your stories and they way that you incorporated Sarah's milk can the keys, (which I recognized right away, so now I am jealous all over again :D) Nevertheless, they add just the right touch to this country scene. Grandmother always impresses me with her no nonsense style but still always so elegant.
And I LOVE your hen and chick! They appear to have real feathers!? How Delightful!!! :))


Ilona a dit…

Bonsoir Genevieve! I love your story about the kids, who were on the farm with their grandma :)! What a wonderful find of Lucie: an egg in the sand ;)!
Lovely dolls and the animals are wonderfully made.
Bonne soirée! Amicalement, Ilona

Plushpussycat a dit…

Sweet story! I always love to see the plush animals in your stories. The girls have some very cute ones! xo Jennifer

mcddiss a dit…

para los niños de hoy ,visitar una granja es toda una experiencia




Ces deux petites mamies sont trop mignonnes !!!!

Giac a dit…

Bonjoue Genevieve,
Vous avez vraiment une superbe collection de poupée et d'animaux. J'ai adore ce post. Vos petites histoires me font sourire a chaue fois.
A bientôt,

Miniatures Ladan a dit…

Bonjour Geneviève
J'adore ces deux petites mamies, elles ont un très beau regard. Bravo.

Fabiola a dit…

J'aime cette histoire et les photos.

Lovejoy Bears a dit…

Oh how wonderful!! I love all the animals and the beautiful scenes!! Nina and Lucie look like they're having lots of fun :) Hugs ♥ Vicky ♥

Penny a dit…

Genevieve, what a lovely store. I also love the dolls that Joy of Adora Bella creates. Grandmother is also amazing, especially her hair. What is the name of the artist that created Grandmother?

Penny a dit…

Oops I meant story not store!

Rosethé a dit…

chouette !!! une nouvelle histoire qui commence et qui commence très bien, très jolie scène !

jean-claude a dit…

Les personnages sont vraiment réussis, autant l'expression que les habits. Une mention particulière aussi pour le sol très réaliste.

*Mieke*Petitevictorianrose*and*PastTimeChildhood a dit…

Hi Genevieve, what a lovely story and wonderful pictures.
Nina and Lucie are so sweet :)
Have a great weekend.

Hugs Mieke xxx

Drora's minimundo a dit…

I love your stories and this one especially. Goodness, it's not everyday you get to see a fresh, organic egg. All the characters are
Hugs, Drora

Lili56 a dit…

Très jolie scène et une belle histoire

Sarah a dit…

The animals are super! Great photos and stories as always, love the goose taking notice of the bread. When I am old and grey I am going to wear my hair just like Granny, she looks fab! I must warn Nina though, there is a hole in the bottom of that milk can!! :D

Sarah :)

Piikko a dit…

I never get bored with your little girls. Nor with ladies. They are all adorable! <3 Thank you for the lovely country side story with cute animals. :) Genevieve, I wish you a best Monday ever for tomorrow. <3 Have a fun and enjoy your day! :)
Hugs, piikko

miniacollection a dit…

Merci beaucoup! J'espère que vous aimerez autant le 2ème épisode.

Thanks a lot! I hope you will like part 2 as much.


Penny, Grandma is by Woolytales miniatures.

Piikko, thank you so much for your comment and your kind wishes!

C a dit…

What a sweet little story and the photos tell it beautifully. It must take you ages to set up each one. Looking forward to the next histoire!

17-17 a dit…

Hi Geneviève,
Everything is so adorable and I very like also the story about those sweet kids.

miniacollection a dit…

Carol and Magda, thank you so much both of you!

Cinderella Moments a dit…

The dolls are fabulous. They have so much character in their faces. I like the birds too. The little egg broken on the ground is so cute. Love that tote bag too!

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