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lundi 26 octobre 2009

Catherine Munière

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poupées - dolls Catherine Munière
chaise et fauteuil - chair and armchair Bruno et Patricia Herbillon

J'adore les poupées de Catherine Munière et voici toute les poupées de ma collection. Je viens de découvrir un blog montrant une extraordinaire collection. Des poupées de Catherine Munière, Marie-France Beglan, Philippe Beglan et de très belles scènes miniatures. Je vous invite à aller visiter ce blog, pour cela cliquer sur Miniature Collection 1/12 dans ma liste de blogs sur la miniature. Je pense que comme moi vous allez être émerveillés et rêver.

I love Catherine Munière's dolls and here are all the dolls of my collection. I have just discovered a great blog showing a wonderful collection. Dolls by Catherine Munière, Marie-France Beglan, Philippe Beglan and beautiful miniature scenes. I invite you to visit that blog, you just have to click on Miniature Collection 1/12 in my list of "blogs sur la miniature". I am sure that like me you will be amazed and dream.

4 commentaires:

synnøve a dit…

I am only familiar with the work of Marie-France Beglan, and I agree with you; her dolls are wonderful!!!
I will visit the blog, thank you :D

miniacollection a dit…

Thank you for your commentary. By the way Catherine Munière is the sister of Marie-France Beglan. A very talented family...

Elizabeth S a dit…

Hello Genevieve! I know that this posting is many years later but I want to let you know that I adore your collection of Catherine Munieres dolls! These dolls are so precious because they have the expressions and the actions of real children! They have the nice round cheeks and features of little children. They are dressed so well and in clothes children wear and they seem timeless in the way they are posed. You are so very fortunate to have such an extensive collection and I hope that you can keep adding to it, I am enjoying reading your posts where the children are featured with their family and friends


miniacollection a dit…

Elizabeth thank you so much for your comment!

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