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lundi 23 janvier 2012

Mamie (fin) - Grandma (the end)

Mamie : "Les filles! Où êtes vous? C'est l'heure des cadeaux."
Grandma : "Girls! Where are you? It's time for the presents."

Lucie : "Je suis là, j'étais aux toilettes. On descend!"
Nina : "J'arrive!
Mamie : "Venez les filles, je sais que vous êtes impatientes, surtout Lucie."

Lucie : "I'm here, I was in the loo. Let's go down."
Nina : "I'm coming!"
Grandma : "Come on girls, I know you are impatient, especially Lucie."

Mamie : "Et voilà les cadeaux!"
Grandma : "And here are the presents!"

Lucie : "Oh! Il y a un gros cadeau."
Mamie : "Tu as de la chance c'est pour toi."

Lucie : "Oh! There's a big present."
Grandma : "Lucky girl it's for you."

Lucie : "Oh! un beau petit chien."
Nina : "Oh Mamie! un mug."

Lucie : "Mamie merci, un  gros bisou! Il est trop mignon ce chien, il va bien s'entendre avec Nestor, mon ours."
Mamie : "Je suis contente qu'il te plaise, quand je l'ai vu j'ai pensé à toi."

Lucie : "Grandma, thank you, a big kiss! This dog is so cute, it will get on well with Nestor, my bear."
Grandma : "I'm happy you like it, when I saw it I thought of you."

Mamie : Nina, j'espère que tu n'es pas trop déçue. Je me suis dit que tu commençais à être une grande fille."
Nina : "Mamie, merci beaucoup! Je l'adore, mon mug à moi pour mon chocolat chaud."

Mamie : "Nina, I hope you're not too disappointed. I thought you're becoming a big girl."
Nina : "Grandma, thank you very much! I love it, my own mug for my hot chocolate."

Autild merci beaucoup pour le mug!
Autild thank you so much for the mug!

30 commentaires:

Irene a dit…

How very clever to create a story round the mug! The pictures are lovely too - you do great little settings to accompany your stories.

KORONKA a dit…

Lovely! :-) :-)

NIUŃKA a dit…

Piękny blog. Z przyjemnością będę tu zaglądać. Pozdrawiam i zapraszam do mnie!

winterludes a dit…

moralité, la taille du cadeau est inversement proportionnelle à celle du destinataire (i deserve a very big one, please).

Lotte a dit…

So sweet presents. Lucky girls :)

Léa a dit…

Super ! La mamie est magnifique et les cadeaux tous mignons ! Vivement la prochaine réunion de famille. ^^

Alicia a dit…
Ce commentaire a été supprimé par l'auteur.
Maria Ireland a dit…

I enjoy your stories very much. I love to see all the wonderful items you have.
Hugs Maria

Alicia a dit…

Bonsoir Genevieve, je viens de savoir par ma fille Carolina, que vous vendez de dessins pour faire tapis de petit point, elle a achette a Simps. Est que je peut voir les dessins pour vous faire une commande?

Piikko a dit…

Finally girls got their presents what they were waiting!!!:)
And what a lovely gifts granny gave them! - So sweet story again, Genevieve.♥
Hugs, piikko

Steinworks a dit…

awww I'm sad that the story is now over, I hope they have many more adventures with Grandma :)

Hugs Marisa

Plushpussycat a dit…

Cute story, Genevieve! I love the bunny, the bear, and now the dog--they're so adorable! What fun! :-) Jennifer

Rosethé a dit…

Oh, l'histoire de Grandma est finie. Refermons ce livre si bien conté par vous Geneviève

rose cat cottage a dit…

ha des cadeaux!!! such nice gifts and a mug.... Good bye Granny, I am impatient as your girls to see what is coming next... CHandeleur??? Pancake day??? I have seen a nice comment on Chrytel blog about her Nutella crepes... doei, claude

Vicky Lovejoy a dit…

A lovely end to your story Genevieve. I love that little dog and your photos are wonderful!!
Vicky xxx

Roelie a dit…

How pitty that grandma is leaving the house!
Beautiful pictures and there is so many to see on it. Love your lighting and the embroidery but especially the little girl with her doggy.
Greatings, Roelie

miniacollection a dit…

Thank you so much all of you for your lovely and kind comments!
Be reassured Grandma left the house but she will be with her granddaughters again.

Merci à toutes pour vos jolis et doux commentaires!
Rassurez vous Mamie a quitté la maison mais elle sera de nouveau avec ses petites filles.

Claude,you're right I ordered Christel's pancakes. So one day there will be a story with crêpes...

Alicia, merci beaucoup pour votre intérêt pour mon travail, je vous enverrai bientôt un mail à ce sujet.
Un beso

Alicia a dit…

Merci Geneviève !!!


Me encanta , esas historias con tus niños y ahora la abuelita son fantasticas ¡¡


miniacollection a dit…

Thanks a lot Francesca!

Maria a dit…

Love the story and the presents they got.
The livingroom showing in the pictures are real nice too, looks a bit like my grandmothers livingroom when i was little.

minwks a dit…

Greetings Genevieve,
In reply to your enquiry. I did leave a comment - however I do not always succeed. I hope this one will 'stick'.
I enjoyed your storyline to move us from space to space. Quite charming. I also commented that I particularly liked the bedroom in a previous post that showed a little dressed rabbit that appeared again in your most recent post.
Thank you for sharing your photos. I am really finding it helpful and interesting to be able to follow so many miniaturists around the world.
Janine near Vancouver BC Canada

La Belle Cuisine / ShabbyParis a dit…

Obrigada pelo teu comentário no meu blog, Geneviève!
As tuas histórias são o máximo, adoro as fotos!

PetitPlat Miniature Food - Stephanie Kilgast a dit…

aaah! trop chou ^^

miniacollection a dit…

Merci beaucoup Stephanie!

Thanks a lot Maria and Marina!

Thankyou so much Janine! It would have been a pity if I couldn't have read your comment.
The little rabbit is by Léa, atelier-de-lea.blogspot.com.
I agree so much with you about being able to follow other miniaturists'work.


Carmen O. a dit…

What a lovely story and what a lovely gifts!! all is charming!Carmen

Patty a dit…

Genevieve, I love your stories!!! Your Grandma is so perfect for the girls! She really is so wonderful and kind looking!!

miniacollection a dit…

Thanks a lot Carmen and Patty!

Flor a dit…

¡Que bonita!!♥♥♥
Un abrazo

miniacollection a dit…

Muchas gracias Flor!
Un beso

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