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samedi 7 janvier 2012

Mamie (épisode 2) et bienvenue - Grandma (part 2) and welcome

Bienvenue - Welcome 
Ludmila, Teresa, Vicky Lovejoy, Tingeling, CrisColas, Irmi, 
Un Taller de Miniaturas, Anne.mordant, Luisa

Les filles emmènent Mamie dans sa chambre.
The girls take Grandma to her bedroom.

Maman et Papa ont laissé leur chambre à Mamie,tout le monde veut qu'elle soit bien confortable.
Nina : "Mamie, tu veux te reposer un peu?"
Mamie "Oui, et je vais défaire ma valise."

Mum and Dad left their bedroom to Grandma, they all want her to be very comfortable. 
Nina : "Grandma, do you want to have a little rest?"
Grandma : "Yes, I do and I'm going to unpack."

Lucie : "Mamie, mais quand tu nous donneras les cadeaux?"
Nina : "Lucie!"
Mamie : "Ah! Mais qui t'a dit que j'avais des cadeaux? Vous les aurez ce soir avant le réveillon."

Lucie : "Grandma, but when will you give us the presents?" 
Nina : "Lucie!"
Grandma : "Ah! But who told you I have presents? You'll have them this evening before New Year's Eve dinner."

 Lucie  "Nina,voilà Mamie.
Lucie : "Nina, Here's Grandma."

 Heureusement que Mamie s'est reposée, maintenant elle va être bien occupée avec les filles.

It is a good thing Grandma had a rest, now she is going to be quite busy with the girls.

Nina : "Viens voir toutes les nouvelles choses dans ma chambre."
Nina : "Come and see all the new things in my bedroom."

Nina : "Et on pourra choisir un jeu."
Nina : "And we can choose a game."

A suivre - To be continued ...

Bon week-end - Have a nice weekend!

20 commentaires:

C a dit…

Happy New Year! I love these photos and Granny's room looks so cosy and inviting. Best wishes, Carol :)

Garden of Miniatures a dit…

A Happy New Year to you Genevieve! I have to tell you,that I love this grandma for your children.She is such a nice old dear,I think we will hear many wonderful stories with her:-)! Hugs,Jeannette

Lovejoy Bears a dit…

Thankyou so much for the welcome Genevieve.
Your stories are so wonderful and I love your grandma doll and her bedroom :0) I look forward to the next part
Vicky xxx

Piikko a dit…

Hi Genevieve, how has your year started? I see your little girls are doing so fine with their lovely granny. I cannot wait to see presents what she brought for children...:-)
Hugs, piikko

Unknown a dit…

Lovely photos!

rosanna a dit…

Granny is so sweet, the girls will be overjoyed to spend time with her.
I read your comment on how I'll be able to see the rooms.It's quite simple, the house will have 4 doors and will open on both sides, front and back. This will leave plenty of room to arrange furniture and decoration. There will be a few close spaces that will be seen through windows and doors but they wont be accessible. Very tantalizing ;o)
Best wishes, Rosanna

Plushpussycat a dit…

I'm so excited to see all of the presents and what happens next! Good story, Genevieve! :-) Jennifer

Rosethé a dit…

deux jolies petites filles entourant leur gentille mamie,une raisonnable et une impatiente, mais elle plus petite.
- Mamie ... c'est quand les cadeaux ???

KC-Design a dit…

Happy New Year, Genevieve !
Thank you for this wonderful story. Your grandma is pefect for the kids, I love her.

Irene a dit…

Happy New Year Genevieve. Grandma looks very well settled in.

miniacollection a dit…

Thank you all for your lovely comments. Sometimes I wonder if you are not going to be tired of the stories, but apparently you are not. I am so glad you like them.

Merci beaucoup Rosethé pour le gentil commentaire.

Woolytales Miniatures a dit…

Genevieve, thank you so much!! I feel as i am (((there))). So very lovely!*grin*

miniacollection a dit…

Thanks a lot for your comment Patricia!
When I "play" with Grandma I think of you. I'm so pleased to have it, she is just what I needed.


Feliz año Geneviève , encantadora la escena con la abuelita en Navidad ¡¡


miniacollection a dit…

Francesca thanks a lot!
Happy New Year to you too!

Alicia a dit…

Feliz año 2012 y me encanta tu escena !!!

miniacollection a dit…

Thank you very much Alicia!
Happy New Year to you too!

winterludes a dit…

aaarghhh à force de ne pas lever le nez de mon travail, j'avais loupé l'arrivée de mamie…

agaphcia a dit…

miniacollection a dit…

Thanks a lot Agaphcia!

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