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jeudi 16 février 2012

Nutella (épisode1 - part 1)

Nina rêve avec le beau livre de Maria.
Nina is dreaming with the beautiful book from Maria.

J'ai eu la grande chance de gagner le giveaway de Maria. Si vous ne connaissez pas son blog allez le voir ses livres sont extraordinaires. Ilcucchiainomagico.blogspot.com

I was very lucky to win Maria's giveaway. If you do not know her blog go and see it, her books are wonderful. Ilcucchiainomagico.blogspot.com

 Nina : "Miam-miam!"
Nina : "Yum-yum!"

Lucie : "Qu'est ce que tu fais, Nina? C'est quoi ce livre?"
Nina : "C'est un livre avec des images qui donnent faim."

Lucie : "What are you doing, Nina? What is this book?"
Nina : "It's a book that makes you hungry."

Nina : "C'est sur le Nutella."
Lucie : "Fais voir!"
Nina : "Attends! je vais le mettre sur la table."
Nina : "It's about Nutella."
Lucie : "Let me see!"
Nina : "Wait! I'm going to put it on the table."

Lucie : "C'est quoi toutes ces photos? Elles sont en noir et blanc."
Lucie : "What are all these photos? They are in black and white."

Nina : "Je les ai trouvées dans le grenier, elles étaient avec ce beau ruban vert."
Nina : "I found them in the attic, they were tied with this beautiful green ribbon."

Lucie : "C'est qui la dame?"
Nina : "Je ne sais pas. Il faudra demander à mamie pour savoir, c'est peut-être elle ou sa mère. En tout cas elle est belle."

Lucie : "Who is the woman?"
Nina : "I don't know. We'll have to ask grandma to know, maybe it's her or her mother. Anyway she is beautiful."

Lucie : "Tu crois que maman voudra bien acheter du Nutella?"
Nina : "Oui, sinon pourquoi elle aurait acheté le livre."

Lucie : "Do you think mum will want to buy some Nutella?"
Nina : "Yes, I do, otherwise why would she have bought the book.

Nina : "Les images sont trop belles."
Nina : "The photos are awesome."

Lucie : "Maintenant j'ai faim et pas de Nutella dans la cuisine ..."
Nina : "Tu peux prendre du pain et de la confiture à la place."
Lucie : "Ce n'est pas pareil, t'es pas drôle."

Lucie : "Now I'm hungry and no Nutella in the kitchen ..."
Nina : "Instead you can have some bread and jam."
Lucie : "It isn't the same, you're not funny."

 Maria, merci beaucoup pour le livre et les photos.
Maria, thank you very much for the book and the photos.

30 commentaires:

Fabiola a dit…

Ces scènes sont très belles.

Garden of Miniatures a dit…

A wonderful book and I also love the antique looking photos . Your story as always cute :-) Jeannette



Heleni a dit…

Wow Genevieve, what a beautiful present. Also the story, so cute.


Case di Bambola a dit…

What a lovely book! And Nutella...mmmm, so yummy!

Irene a dit…

Congratulations Genevieve - you're a lucky girl! Nutella is popular in our house too.

(I like the table as well).

Mona a dit…

Congratulations! It`s a very nice book.

Ilona a dit…

Congratulations with the beautiful book Nutella from Maria's give away. The story and the antique photos are very nice.
Hugs, Ilona

Piikko a dit…

Congratulations for your win! The book is beautiful and photos too. Now girls made me to want Nutella too! Miam-miam! Yum-yum! ~Nam-nam!
Hugs, piikko

Plushpussycat a dit…

What a lucky win, Genevieve! I would love to own something made by Mari@! Her books and photos are wonderful! Congratulations!!! :-) Jennifer


Gratuluję! Piękna książka. Uściski!

Mari@-Il Cucchiaino Magico a dit…

Merci Geneviève! Your story is very cute and... sweet ;o)) I'm very happy that you like the book and the photos. Thanks again. Hugs

dale's dreams a dit…

Too cute! I knew it was going to be a good story with Nutella in the title. :)

Rosethé a dit…

c'est une chance d'avoir gagné ce livre gourmand.
Une belle idée de mettre en valeur ces photos en noir et blanc.

miniacollection a dit…

Merci beaucoup pour vos si gentils commentaires

Thanks a lot for your very nice comments.

Vicky a dit…

I love the book Genevieve and the story is lovely :0) I agree with Lucie, bread and jam is not the same as nutella!! I hope they manage to get some nutella soon :0)
vicky xxxx

miniacollection a dit…

Thank you very much Vicky! I think the girls will have a nice surprise in the next post (concerning Nutella).

Patricia Cabrera a dit…

The book is great and the girls are as sweet as the real nutella!*grin*


Un libro delicioso , a mi como a tus niñas , nos encanta la nutella ¡¡


miniacollection a dit…

Patricia and Francesca, thanks a lot!

La Belle Cuisine / ShabbyParis a dit…

Adoro a história, o livro, as fotos...Bjos!

Anne a dit…

Nina a l'air si fier!!! Il va falloir lui procurer un joli pot de Nutella maintenant ;-)
Magnifiques scènes!

Sab a dit…

Hi, it has been a while:) I had to do some catchinup reading on you're blog..the girls have had a lot of adventures...say hi to them from me!!!


miniacollection a dit…

Merci beaucoup Anne!

Thanks a lot Marina!

Thanks a lot Sab! The girls send you a kiss...


rose cat cottage a dit…

Nutella... ahahaha!!! that means ... a surprise related to some work of Chrystel... sorry normally I am good to keep secrets ... but we are speaking about Nutella....a book is good but where is the pot???? spoon ready to go...a mini omne of course... LOL claude

miniacollection a dit…

Claude, you are so right. It will be in my next post.
Thank you for your comment!

Eva a dit…

Yummy!!! All kids (and not only kids ☺) enjoy with Nutella.....I want to see what happen now!!

agaphcia a dit…


miniacollection a dit…

Thanks a lot Agaphcia!

Thanks a lot Eva!
The next post is coming very soon...


winterludes a dit…

j'aime beaucoup les photos b&w.
tu sais que le nutella c'est TOXIQUE et que tu vas EMPOISONNER tes filles? inconsciente!!!

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