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samedi 25 février 2012

Nutella (épisode 2 - part 2)

Maman : "Les filles, venez c'est l'heure du goûter!"
Mum : "Girls, come it's snack time!"

Maman : "Mais qu'est ce qu'elles font? Nina, Lucie, il y a une surprise dans la cuisine, si je ne mange pas tout."
Nina et Lucie : "Non, s'il te plait maman, on arrive."

Mum : " But what are they doing? Nina, Lucie, there's a surprise in the kitchen, if I don't eat all of it."
Nina and Lucie : "No, please mum, we're coming."

 Lucie : "Incroyable! du nutella!"
Nina : "Je t'avais dit qu'elle en achèterait."
Lucie : "Moi, j'y croyais pas, avec maman on sait jamais."

Lucie : "Unbelievable! a pot of nutella!"
Nina : "I told you she would buy some."
Lucie : "I didn't think she would, with mum you never know."

Lucie : "On a vraiment de la chance, des crêpes avec du nutella."
Nina : "Heureusement que maman a ce livre sinon ... Lucie, tu veux le goûter?"

Lucie : "We're very lucky, pancakes and nutella."
Nina : "A good thing mum got this book otherwise ... Lucie, Do you want to taste it?"

Nina : " Attends! je vais ouvrir le pot."
Lucie : "Oh oui, s'il te plait."
Maman : "Ne mangez pas toutes les crêpes, il faut en garder pour papa."

Nina : "Wait ! I'm going to open the pot."
Lucie : "Oh yes, please."
Mum : "Don't eat all the pancakes, keep some for dad."

Nina : "Et toi maman?"
Maman: "J'en ai mangé en les faisant, c'est le privilège de la cuisinière."

Nina : 'What about you mum?"
Mum : "I ate some while I was making them, it's the privilege of the cook."

Les crêpes et le nutella sont de Christel Jensel.
The pancakes and nutella are by Christel Jensen.

Pour le livre voir le post précédent.
For the book see the previous post.

26 commentaires:

dalesdreams a dit…

Sweet! I want some, too! :)

Maria Ireland a dit…

Beautiful scene. Your scenes and stories are always so sweet.
Hugs Maria

Piikko a dit…

Yummy! I also love pancakes with Nutella(or with strawberry jam). Of course mum's pancakes are always the most delicious.:)
-Beautiful scenes and so cute story.♥
Hugs, piikko

Flor a dit…

¡Que deliciosa y hermosa escena!!!
Un abrazo

winterludes a dit…

yum yum des crêpes! pas folle, maman, elle ne veut pas s'empoisonner avec le nutella…

Heleni a dit…

yammie yammie so delicious, pancake with nutella.
Your story is very sweet Genevieve.


Lovejoy Bears a dit…

I'm so glad Lucie and Nina's mum bought some Nutella!!!
Those pancakes look gorgeous, they are going to love them :0)
Vicky xxxx

Plushpussycat a dit…

Those pancakes look so realistic and yummy! Fun story, Genevieve! :-) Jennifer

Lotte a dit…

Looks so delicious... :)

Piikko a dit…

Hi Geneviève, I have to come back because of these delicious pancakes of yours. And also to welcome you to visit my blog, there is something for you....:) Hugs, piikko

Ilona a dit…

Yummie pancakes, I love them with fruits or syrup. You write always very sweet stories. Hugs, Ilona

Rosethé a dit…

une adorable façon de nous faire participer à la vie de Lucie et de Nina.


Sonja a dit…

Hi Geneviève,
Your Nutella story is so sweet...I really love it. Hehe I also like to eat Nutella...
Have a great day,

Unknown a dit…

MMmm Nutella, love it:)


miniacollection a dit…

Merci beaucoup Rosethé! je vais aller voir votre blog que je ne connais pas, merci de m'en avoir donné le nom.

Merci beaucoup Winterludes! tu sais que chez moi on aime vivre dangereusement, j'aime bien le nutella mais pas forcément avec les crêpes.


Flor, muchas gracias!
Un abrazo

Thank you all for comments that are as sweet as nutella. I love reading them as much as I love making these stories.


Piikko, thank you so much for having thought of me for the award.


LaBelleCuisine Miniaturas / ShabbyParis Dolls a dit…


rose cat cottage a dit…

I was right crepes with Nutella!! yummie yummie but I love Nutella just with a tiny spoon and my favorites crepes are with sugar and lemon... I am waiting the next story with impatience, doei, Claude

Irene a dit…

Great minis! I love how you weave your stories round them.

miniacollection a dit…

Thanks a lot Irene and Claude!

Fabiola a dit…

MMMHHH! Crêpes avec Nutella! Délicieux!
C'est une belle histoire avec de belles scènes.
Cordialement Faby

Mari@ a dit…

You know... I love Nutella ;o)) your Crêpes with this fabulous chocolate cream makes me hungry. Great work!! Baci

miniacollection a dit…

Merci beaucoup Faby!

Thank a lot Maria!


Woolytales Miniatures a dit…

i love all your stories and your mini family is as sweet as nutella!!!*grin*

miniacollection a dit…

Thanks a lot Patricia!
I took some photos of the girls with grandma for future stories. I really love your grandma.

Jollie a dit…

Trying to catch up on the blogs lol ;-)
I love your story, sooo cute!! :-)
And I am crazy about Nutella too...

Hugs Jollie

miniacollection a dit…

Thanks a lot Jollie!

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