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dimanche 12 février 2012

La loire avec de la glace - The river loire with ice

C'est très rare de voir la Loire avec de la glace.
It is very rare to see the river Loire with ice.

Il fait si froid que  de la neige ne fond pas.
It has been so cold that some snow does not melt.

Venir voir la Loire était la grande promenade du week-end.
To go and see the Loire was the great walk of the weekend.

Incroyable! Incredible!

Mon ami marche sur la Loire ...
My friend is walking on the Loire ...

On nous promet des températures d'un hiver européen pour la semaine prochaine à la place d'un hiver "sibérien". Aurai je encore besoin du bonnet?

We are promised temperatures of an european winter next week instead of a "Siberian" winter. Will I still need a hat?

Ont ils aussi froid que nous?
Are they as cold as we are?

12 commentaires:

C a dit…

The snow in France is amazing at the moment. I was all set to watch the France/Ireland rugby match last night - but the ice and minus temperatures meant it was cancelled. Loving your new flowers!! Best wishes, Carol :)

Lovejoy Bears a dit…

Wow, amazing photos Genevieve, the loire looks amazing with the ice, that is something I would really love to see!!
vicky xxxx

Piikko a dit…

Hi Genevieve! I see you have had incredible weekend. :)
Great photos!
Our lakes gets meter of ice every winter. But it is amazing that it happens in France too!!!!
Don't worry about birds, they will survive but you'll better keep your hat on! And please, don't go to walk on ice anymore!!! It is running water under the ice.
(Mum is talking...;)
Genny, I'd like to know what is a siberian winter to french people? :D
We had -28 below two weeks ago and we said: Oh, we are lucky we don't live in Siberia!:D
Today it has been snowing all day and temperature is 'only' -8.
-Have a nice week!!!
Hugs, piikko

Marie-Laure a dit…

Incroyable ! Mais magnifique !
En revanche, je n'aurais pas posé le pied sur la Loire gelée ;-)

Christel a dit…

Looks like a normal winter weather for me coming from Norway;) It is strange how the weather has acted in southern Europe latley. Keep your hat on so you don't get a cold. You look cute:)

Linda Carswell a dit…

It certainly looks cold, but you look very cosy in your hat and coat.....( I hope, your friend was safe on the ice....?)

Linda x

Patty a dit…

Genevieve, The photos made me shiver!!! It looks very cold there! We are 70 degrees here today and it feel like Spring! Much more my taste. I think I would have a hard time in snow. I would want to hibernate for at least three months and stay indoors. We are light weights in California......LOL

winterludes a dit…

wow, magnifique! ça rappelle le siècle dernier... à paris il ne fait pas si froid (ou alors je n'ai pas remarqué, peut-être que le canal est gelé finalement), en tous cas, je n'ai pas de chauffage...

miniacollection a dit…

Thank you all for your comments!

Carol, I too wanted to watch the rugby match. The way it was cancelled at the last minute is a scandal. It is so frustrating for all the supporters who were there.

Vicky, it's true that it is worth seeing.

Piikko, you know when I saw my friend go on the ice, I was telling him to come back, of course I didn't try I was too scared... Well, he was very near the bank. By the way our Siberian winter has nothing to do with yours, -16 is more than freezing for us...

Marie-Laure, je suis bien d'accord... les hommes sont parfois un peu trop "tête brulée"...

Christel, it's true that for you it may not have seemed that cold, but for us... we are not used to -16... The amazing thing is that it is also very cold with a lot of snow in the south of France.

Linda, If you are warmly dressed it's ok... My friend was just near the bank...

Patty, after a few days you get used to it with warm clothes. The only thing I don't like is walking in the snow.

Winterludes, Tu arrives à tenir sans chauffage? Heureusement que j'ai tes bérets...

LaBelleCuisine Miniaturas / ShabbyParis Dolls a dit…

Pois é, o frio não nos larga! Aqui onde moro (Porto) está frio (3º a 12º) mas está sol e não há neve ou gelo. Eu prefiro o frio com sol do que chuva!!!

miniacollection a dit…

Thanks a lot, Marina!
Like you I like when it's cold and sunny.

agaphcia a dit…


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