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lundi 19 août 2019

Quentin (fin - the end)

Lucie : "J''aimerais bien aussi avoir un petit frère, moi aussi je serais une grande sœur."

Lucie : "I also would like to have a little brother, I'd be a big sister too."

Nina : "Mais je serais toujours la vraie grande sœur."
Lucie : "C'est pas juste."
Quentin : "ba-ba, na-na."

Nina : "But I'd always be the real big sister."
Luice : "It isn't fair."
Quentin : "ba-ba, na-na."

Mamie : "Et moi qui voulais avoir du temps pour cuisiner!

Grandma : "To think that I wanted to have time to cook!

Doumi reste là! On a pas besoin de toi en plus là-haut."

Softy stay here! We don't need you up there on top of all that."

Mamie : "Mais qu'est ce qui se passe? Vous n'auriez pas dû le réveiller. Et Nina tes chaussures sur le lit, c'est pas vrai!."
Chloé : "Mamie ça empeste."

Grandma : "But what's going on? You shouldn't have woken him. And Nina your shoes on the bed, I don't believe it!."
Chloé : "Grandma it stinks."

Nina : "Mais Mamie il était réveillé."
Mamie : "Pas étonnant si vous êtes venues le voir. Vous étiez censées être avec Grand-père."

Nina : "But Grandma he was awake."
Mamie : "No wonder if you came to see him. You were supposed to be with Granddad."

Lucie : "Mais il s'était endormi."
Mamie : "Je vais changer Quentin, Chloé a raison il y a une forte odeur."

Lucie : "But he fell asleep."
Grandma : "I'll change Quentin's nappy, Chloé's right there's a strong smell."

Nina : "Je m'occupe de son lapin."
Fiona : "Tu vas où Chloé?"

Nina : "I'll take care of his rabbit."
Fiona : "Where are you going Chloé?"

Quentin : "ma-ma, ba-ba."

Quentin : "ma-ma, ba-ba."

Mamie : "Les filles, après vous allez jouer avec Grand-père."

Grandma : "Girls, after you're going to play with Granddad."

Lucie : "J'espère qu'il ne va pas encore s'endormir."
Grandma : "Certainement pas!"

Lucie : "I hope he won't fall asleep again."
Grandma : "Certainly not!"

Chloé : "Je ne veux pas voir le gros caca qui pue de Quentin."

Chloé : "I don't want to see Quentin's big stinking poo."

Nina : "Maintenant il pleure, je vais lui donner son lapin."
Mamie : "Non, il risque de le salir."

Nina : "Now he's crying, I'll give him his rabbit."
Grandma : "No, don't, he may make it dirty."

Mamie : "Ça ne va pas être long."

Grandma : "It won't take long."

Chloé : "Je ne veux pas jouer avec Grand-père, mais ici."

Chloé : I don't want to play with Granddad, but here."

Fin - The end

11 commentaires:

claude a dit…

de délicieux dialogues et jolie mise en scène!

Drora's minimundo a dit…

I'm reading and smiling. Such an adorable post with the cutest characters.
Hugs, Drora

Rosethé a dit…

Une fin amusante !
Il faut que grand-père se charge des filles et surtout ne s'endorme pas ! Une histoire pleine de vie.

minwks a dit…

It is true, your characters are adorable. What secret lives you give them.... cannot imagine what they are doing while you go to work!
Having problems leaving comments.
Regards Janine

elizabeth s a dit…

Children are always curious and fascinated with babies and wanting to hold them! Your brood are behaving as real children often do and Grandmas gentle chastisements are equally valid.
But Good luck trying to get the baby back to sleep! ;)

miniacollection a dit…

Je suis heureuse que vous ayez aimé la fin de cette histoire. Merci pour tous vos merveilleux commentaires.

I'm so happy you liked the end of the story. Thank you all for your wonderful comments.

Daydreamer a dit…

Quentin is Adorable! And your stories with the Grandparents are so much fun... they seem so Real! It is a lovely family scene!

miniacollection a dit…

Daydreamer thank you so much for your lovely comment!

Irene a dit…

What a lovely little story. I really think you should consider creating a book full of your stories and pictures (if you haven't already!) A lot of thought clearly goes into the setting up of each little scene.

miniacollection a dit…

Irene, thank you so much for your great comment!!! I have thought of making a book with my stories, but it means to have more time to do it... Maybe one day, it is in my mind anyway.

Unknown a dit…
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