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samedi 29 janvier 2011


J'ai reçu ce formidable award de Casey (Casey's Minis), cela me touche beaucoup, un grand merci Casey.
I got this award from Casey (Casey's Minis), I am vey touched, a big thank you Casey.

La règle est de passer cet award à cinq autres personnes. Un choix toujours difficile ...
The rule is to pass the award to five other people. An always difficult choice ...

Piiko - Söpökatu

Kaisa Miltonia - Something Tiny

Margriet - E-Beertje

Ceux sont de très jolis blogs, j'espère que vous les apprécierez.
They are lovely blogs, enjoy them as I do.

5 commentaires:

Piikko a dit…

Genevieve, thank you so much for the award!
I'm just writeing new post to my blog. I came to check your address and I found this Award suprise. Why I'm checking your address? Because I have a suprise to you:D Now I go to finnish my post. Please, come later to have your suprise.. and maybe some nice cup of coffee or glas of mint tea...

Jollie a dit…

Dear Geneviéve,

I am really speachless at the moment that you have picked me out as I am 'the new kid on the block'... So it is a wonderful surprise for me!

Thank you again, I will have to think about who I will send it to next.

Big warm hug, Jollie

Margriet a dit…

I'm very honored, thank you so much Genevieve for the award!!
I love your blog too!!!

winterludes a dit…

congratulations pour cet award, geneviève, ça me fait plaisir que tu reçoives cet hommage.

C a dit…

Well Done on your Award Geneviève! You will have no trouble with Pascale's kits because the instructions are in French which is not a strong point with me!! Best wishes, Carol :) x

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