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dimanche 17 mai 2020

retour de pêche avec Loïck - back from fishing with Loïck

Bon, maintenant il ne reste plus grand chose dans mon filet.

Well, now there isn't much left in my net.

Oh, deux étoiles de mer. Si elles sont mortes je vais les garder pour les donner à des enfants.

Oh, two starfish. If they're dead I'll keep them to give them to children.

 Loïck : "Allez la mouette, va-t-en ! Laisse moi travailler !"

Loïck : "Come on the seagull, go away! Let me do my work!"

J'aime plutôt bien les mouettes mais quand je travaille elles sont pénibles.

I quite like seagulls but while I'm working they're a pain in the neck.

Une cigarette et je vais chercher les homards.

A cigarette and I'm going to get the lobsters.

Loïck : "Ca alors, c'est la meilleure ! Va-t-en de mon épaule !

Loïck : "That's the best one yet! Get off my shoulder!"

Elle en font un boucan ces mouettes.

What a racket these seagulls are making.

Loïck : "Allez, du balai, il n'y a rien pour vous!"

Loïck : "Clear off, there's nothing for you!"

Elles sont parties, enfin un peu de tranquillité.

They're gone, a bit of peace at last.

Les cageots sont prêts, il me reste plus qu'à m'installer.

The crates are ready, I've only got to set up now.

Je me demande si je vais tout vendre.

I wonder if I'll sell everything.

Loïck : "Je m'en doutais, vous revoilà."

Loïck : "I knew it, you're back."

Mais qu'est ce qu'elles ont aujourd'hui ?

But what's wrong with them today?

Il faut que je me débarrasse d'elles sinon je ne vais rien vendre.

I must get rid of them otherwise I won't sell anything.

 mouettes - seagulls : Miniarche
poissons et fruits de mer - fish and seafood : My French Cuisine
pêcheur - fisherman : Esther Levy

9 commentaires:

Ilona a dit…

Bonjour Geneviève! Once again you treat us with a nice story, I loved reading it :)! And I enjoyed seeing your mini scenes of the beautifil seagulls, the sea fruit, so perfectly made and Loïck, the fisherman, he looks gorgeous. He seems to me a very friendly man, because he thinks of giving the starfishes, when they're dried, to the children ;)!
All miniatures are beautiful and your scenes are perfectly, as usual. I know that's a lot of work for arranging everyhting, in order to write a story and making pictures.
Stay healthy, take care, dear Geneviève!
Bon journée. Amicalement, Ilona

elizabeth s a dit…

I've certainly enjoyed reading this story of your stalwart fisherman Loick and his encounters with those pesky, aggressive seagulls! Your photo give a real sense of Place, Genevieve along with the vast horizon of sand, sea and sky in the backdrop- Simply WONDERFUL!
I love seeing the years of experience reflected in your fishermans face, and that he's wearing his fishing gear; and so glad that after a long night's his work that his net didn't come up empty.
All the seafood looks Marvellous but I sure hope he'll have some fish to sell before the hungry gulls steal and fly off with it!

Drora's minimundo a dit…

Wow, Genevieve! I'm always impressed by your way of staging the scenes. and your use of very fine pieces of miniatures to tell a story. Loick having trouble with the seagulls threatening his catch brought a smile on my face. I remember seeing these little rascals stealing ice cream cones right from the hands of people on the beach.
Hugs, Drora

rosethe-minima a dit…

h, ah, ces mouettes sont agaçantes ! Est-ce de l'amour envers Loïck ou envers le joli résultat de la pêche ?
Allez sans hésitation,je penche pour les poissons et fruits de mer.
Loïck a une belle "gueule" de pêcheur burinée par le travail !
Geneviève vos histoires sont toujours aussi savoureuses et vivantes.

miniacollection a dit…

Rosethé, c'est toujours un plaisir de lire vos commentaires, merci beaucoup.

It's always a pleasure to read your comments, thank you all so much.

Daydreamer a dit…

Hi Genevieve! Your brave fisherman Loick has harvested a good catch... even if it is "small"! Those pesky seagulls sure are bold! But they do look just right! Yes, he will have to make sure they don't steal his catch! This is a lovely story and full of atmosphere!

miniacollection a dit…

Daydreamer, thank you so much for your comment!!!

Irene a dit…

I'm always impressed with the time and care you take in putting together your littles scenes to accompany each part of a story. I hope Loick makes some sales!

miniacollection a dit…

Irene, thank you so much for your comment!!!

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