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jeudi 1 janvier 2015

Les filles ont de la visite pendant les vacances de Noël (fin) - the girls have visitors during the Christmas holiday (the end)

Merci pour tous vos souhaits pour la Nouvelles Année!

Thank you for all your good wishes for the New Year!

Nina : "Et toi Véra, as tu eu des beaux cadeaux?"
Véra : "Oui, j'ai eu tout ce que je voulais et même des surprises."

Nina : "And you Vera, Did you have great presents?"
Vera : "Yes, I did, I got everything I wanted and even some surprises."

Nina : " Bon, mon cadeau ne va pas être une surprise à cause de Lucie."

Nina : "Well, my present won't be a surprise because of Lucie."

Véra : "Pareil pour le mien."

Vera : "The same with mine."

Les 2 amies sont raisonnables et n'ouvrent pas tout de suite leur cadeau.

The 2 friends are sensible and  don't immediately open  their presents.

Maintenant elles se racontent leurs petites histoires.

Now they are telling each other their little stories.

Lucie : "Grand-père lis moi une histoire, s'il te plait?"

Lucie : "Granddad read me a story, please?"

Lucie a vite compris qu'elle allait se retrouver toute seule maintenant que Véra est là.

Lucie understood very quickly that she  would be on her own now that Vera is here.

Grand-père : "Tu ne veux pas t'amuser?"
Lucie : "Non, j'ai personne pour jouer avec moi. S'IL TE PLAIT grand-père?"
Grand-père : "Bon d'accord, mais juste une histoire."

Granddad : "Don't you want to play?"
Lucie : "No, I don't. There is no one to play with me. PLEASE granddad?"
Granddad : "Well all right, but only one story."

Mamie : "Le goûter est prêt."
Grand-père : "Lucie, l'histoire ce sera pour plus tard."
Lucie : "Mais, je voulais l'histoire maintenant."

Grandma : "The afternoon snack is ready."
Granddad : "Lucie, the story will be later."
Lucie : "But, I wanted it now."

Pour célébrer la nouvelle année papa a pris une photo de la famille. 
Son père, sa belle-mère et ses filles.

To celebrate the New Year papa took a photo of the family.
His father, mother in law and his daughters.

Beaucoup de paix et de joie

A lot of peace and joy

14 commentaires:

Tatiana a dit…

Happy New Year! I wish you all the best in 2015!

Marta a dit…

Hello from Spain: I really like your story. It is very real. Grandparents are lovely. The girls are very cute. I like your furniture and your miniatures lot. Happy New Year.

17-17 a dit…

Ooo,do I see someone new? Granddad is very sympathetic. Have a wonderful New Year!

Piikko a dit…

I was also thinking if I have met Grandpa before?!
Well, nice to meet you Grandpa. :)
I wish you, to your family and to your dear Geneviéve a very happy new year! ♥
Hugs, pikko

Catherine / Mooghiscath a dit…

Bonne année .Il est nouveau ton grand-père ? j'aime beaucoup son expression et son costume .

Linda Carswell a dit…

Wishing you a wonderful 2015.
Linda xxx

Cinderella Moments a dit…

Beautiful family picture! Happy New Year Genevieve! May 2015 be your best year yet.

Ilona a dit…

Grandpa seems to me a very gentle man, he is a wonderful doll, Genevieve :)!
Bonne Année/Wishing you and yours my very best wishes for 2015!
Amicalement, Ilona

Drora's minimundo a dit…

Poor Lucie, it's not a nice feeling being left out. Good to have grandparents. Great photos!
Happy New Year!
Hugs, Drora

Lili56 a dit…

Tous mes meilleurs voeux pour 2015

Elizabeth S a dit…

A lovely little tale Genevieve, with Nina, Vera and Lucie, and Grandmother but.this is the first time that I have had the pleasure of meeting The Grandad!
He seems like a very nice old gentleman. I hope that he is a good reader though, because Lucie still wants her story and so do I! :D


Sara a dit…

Me encanta la historia, los personajes, Nina, Vera and Lucie, estupendo todo!! Feliz 2015.

Plushpussycat a dit…

Fun photos and story, Genevieve! I don't remember seeing grandpa before--nice addition to the family! Happy new year! xo Jennifer

minwks a dit…

Happy New Year Genevieve,
I look forward to more adventures of your extended family. I do admire the armchair. It looks very suitably comfortable and well used.
All the best.

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