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lundi 13 juillet 2020

une promenade avec grand-père (épisode 1 un cadeau et une mouette) - a walk with granddad (part 1 a gift and a seagull)

 Lucie : Mamie était en colère."
Grand-père : "Oui, mais il faut la comprendre, vous étiez toutes casse-pieds."

Lucie : "Grandma was angry."
Granddad : "Yes, she was, but that's understandable, you were all pests."

 Lucie : Calinou, même toi tu t'es fait attraper."

Lucie : "Cuddly, even you were told off."

 Lucie : "Mais on ne pouvait pas faire ce que l'on voulait."
Grand-père : "Les enfants ne peuvent pas toujours faire ce qu'ils veulent."
Lucie : "C'est pas juste et pas drôle."
Grand-père : "Et parfois c'est pareil pour les adultes. Je voulais lire et finalement je me promène."

Lucie : "But we couldn't do what we wanted."
Granddad : "Children can't always do what they want."
Lucie : "It isn't fair and fun."
Granddad : "And sometimes it's the same for adults. I wanted to read and eventually I'm having a walk."

 Lucie : "Mais maintenant tu es content, moi je suis contente d'être avec toi."
Quentin : "ba-ba-ma-ma"

Lucie : "But now you're happy, I'm happy to be with you."
Quentin : "ba-ba-ma-ma"

 Loïck : "Voici mon ami Charles ! Ben, tu as l'air bien occupé avec tout ton petit monde."

Loïck : "Here is my friend Charles! Well, you look quite busy with your little family."

 Grand-père : "Bonjour Loïck, c'est toute une histoire. Lucie, dis bonjour à Loïck."

Granddad : "Hello Loïck, it's a long story. Lucie, say hello to Loïck."

 Lucie : Bonjour Loïck. Tu sais Mamie était très en colère."

Lucie : "Hello Loïck. You know Grandma was very angry."

 Loïck : "Bonjour Lucie. Sans blague ! Charles raconte moi, mais avant, Lucie est ce que tu veux une étoile de mer ?"

Loïck : "Hello Lucie. It's a joke! Charles tell me, but before that, Lucie would you like to get a starfish?"

 Lucie : "Oh oui, s'il te plait. Mais c'est une étoile qui est tombée dans la mer?"
Grand-père : "Ah, c'est mignon ! On l'appelle comme ça parce qu'elle a la forme d'une étoile."

Lucie : "Oh yes, please. but is it a star that fell in the sea and became a fish?"
Granddad : "Ah, that's sweet! It's called like that because it's star-shaped."

 Loïck : "Elle vit dans la mer, elle était dans mon filet. Regarde, elle te plait ?"
Lucie : Oui, elle est belle. Merci Loïck."

Loïck : "It lives in the sea, it was in my net. Look, do you like it?"
Lucie : "Yes, I do, it's beautiful. Thank you Loïck."

 Loïck : "Tu peux la prendre."
Lucie : "Elle ne va pas bouger dans ma main ou me mordre?"
Loïck : "N'aie pas peur, elle est morte mais elle est fragile."

Loïck : "You can take it."
Lucie : "It won't move in my hand or bite me, will it?"
Loïck : "Don't worry, it's dead but it's fragile."

 Lucie : Grand-père, tu peux la garder, s'il te plait ? Je n'ai pas de poche et je ne veux pas la casser."
Grand-père : "Donne la moi."
Lucie : "Mais tu fais attention."
Grand-père : "Ne t'inquiète pas, je sais que c'est un cadeau précieux."

Lucie : "Granddad, can you keep it, please? I haven't got any pockets and I don't want to break it."
Granddad : "Give it to me."
Lucie : "But be careful."
Granddad : "Don't worry, I know it's a precious gift.

 Loïck : "Alors,qu'est ce qu'elle avait Solange ?"
Quentin : "ba-ba-ma-ma"
Grand-père : "Elle voulait faire des madeleines, les filles voulaient l'aider et apparemment cela a dégénéré."

Loïck : "Well, what was wrong with Solange?"
Quentin : "ba-ba-ma-ma"
Granddad : "She wanted to make some madeleines, the girls wanted to help her and apparently it got out of hands."

 Loïck : "Mon pauvre ! Donc tu as décidé d'aller faire un tour pour échapper à tout ça."
Grand père : "Si seulement, tu aurais dû entendre Solange, elle ..."
Lucie : "Grand-père, il y a une grosse mouette."

Loïck : "Poor you! So you decided to go for a walk to escape from all that."
Granddad : "If only, you should have heard Solange, she..."
Lucie : "Granddad, there is a big seagull."

 Lucie : Grand-père, Grand-père, au secours ! La grosse mouette est sur la poussette."

Lucie : "Granddad, Granddad, help! The big seagull is on the buggy."

 Grand-père : "Allez, va-t-en !"
Lucie : "Elle m'a fait peur la grosse mouette. Quentin n'a même pas eu peur, ni toi non plus."

Granddad : Come on , go away!"
Lucie : "The big seagull scared me. Quentin wasn't scared a bit, neither were you."

 Grand-père : "Tu vois elle part maintenant, les mouettes peuvent être pénibles parfois."

Granddad : "You see it's going away now, seagulls can sometimes be a nuisance."

 Loïck : "Tu l'as bien dit ! Elles m'ont bien embêté pendant que je m'occupais de mon poisson."

Loïck : "How right you are! They pestered me while I was busy with my fish."

Lucie : "Va-t-en et ne reviens pas !"

Lucie : "Go away and don't come back again!"

à suivre ... - to be continued...

l'histoire de Loïck et les mouettes
the story of Loïck and the seagulls

13 commentaires:

Ilona a dit…

It's all so recognisable, this story about noisy, naughty children, annoying sea gulls, grumpy grandpa and a calm fisherman, or better said your stars of this story. They are beautiful dolls, Geneviève, and once again, I so love reading your stories, also because of this also can happen in real life :). Poor Lucy, who didn't understand why her grandma was angry.... I bet the kitchen was turned into one big mess ;O). And than our adorable Quentin, who talks on his own way about what happened:"ba-ba-ma-ma", it's so sweet.
It's always nice to make a lovely miniature scene with your dolls and other miniatures, isn't it? Now we have to wait and see what will happen with your seagulls, Loïck, the kids and Grandpa.
Stay safe, take care, dear Geneviève!
Amicalement, Ilona

elizabeth s a dit…

Hahaha! I think that we've all had the experience of kids who have made themselves utter nuisances and need a TIME OUT and AWAY from their immediate vicinity!
Lucky for Luci and Quintin that they have an accommodating grandad who has "voluntarily" forfeited his own quiet time, to appease his lovely and long suffering wife.
And I think that Solange was a wise woman getting the little ones out of her hair and into the fresh air where a walkabout with their granddad, will be good exercise for each of them!

Rosethé a dit…

Quelle d'aventure ! Un brin de causette avec Loïc, sur ce qui a provoqué la colère de grand-mère et a quasiment forcé grand-père à aller se promener avec Lucie et Quentin, qui eux semblent ravis de cette escapade.
Oh, la vilaine mouette, une petite frayeur de plus pour Lucie !
C'est une savoureuse et très vivante histoire.

Jonquil a dit…

C'est trop mignonne! I love the red setter dog, did you make it? I have a certain affection for sea gulls, I know most people think of them as pests because they can be very threatening, but they are such beautiful birds in flight. I hope Lucie learns to appreciate them, but perhaps a little further away from the push chair! Merci Geneviève pour ta super mise en scène, et bonne vacances!

The grandmommy a dit…

I think this is so adorable! A grandfather with his grand children going for a walk and discovering new things. The people look great and the little girl is so sweet! I enjoyed this little story.

miniacollection a dit…

Rosethé un grand merci pour votre commentaire !!! C'est toujours intéressant et un plaisir de lire ce que les lecteurs pensent d'une histoire. Vos commentaires me touchent toujours beaucoup.

Thank you all for your comments!!! It's always interesting and a pleasure to read what the readers think of a story. I am always touched by your comments.

miniacollection a dit…

Jonquil merci beaucoup pour votre commentaire !!! The red setter dog is by Elizabeth McInnis, I cherish it.
Have a nice holiday too!

Irene a dit…

Yet another lovely little story. It really must take you some time to set up all the little scenes - and patience!

miniacollection a dit…

Irene, thank you so much for your comment!!!

Daydreamer a dit…

Ahhh... children! It always helps to go outside for a walk to clear the air!!! :)
Grandad is doing great work and Loik is a natural with the children!
Your stories are so much fun and the pictures are always so well put together! I look forward to part 2!

miniacollection a dit…

Daydreamer thank you so mush for your comment, it is a pleasure to red it. I'm back home so I hope to be able to publish part 2 soon.

Drora's minimundo a dit…

First, dear Genevieve, thank you so much for your kind words of condolences which warmed my heart.
I hope grandad had as much pleasure going out for this walk with his adorable Lucie and baby Quentin, as I have on reading looking at these photos.
How wonderful everything is staged, displaying your beautiful dolls and animals. Thank you for sharing.
Hugs, Drora

miniacollection a dit…

Dear Drora, thank you so much for your wonderful comment, it's always a pleasure to read what people think of my stories.
I hope you are not feeling to alone, mourning is a long process and it doesn't mean that you forget your loved one.

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