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samedi 9 janvier 2010

un week-end enneigé - a snowy weekend

Il fait bien froid à Orléans et nous avons encore de la neige. Je sais que beaucoup de pays ont le même temps, mais pour nous c'est inhabituel. J'en ai profité pour mettre une partie de ma maison de poupée sur mon minuscule balcon pour prendre une photo.

It is cold in Orléans and it is snowing again. I know the weather is the same in many countries, but for us snow is unusual. I put a part of my dollshouse on my little balcony to take a photo.

Nina and Lucie sont dans la chambre des parents et ne peuvent s'empêcher de regarder la neige. Cela les rend bien rêveuses ...

Nina and Lucie are in their parents' bedroom and can't help watching the snow. It makes them dreamy ...

5 commentaires:

Papillon Bleu a dit…

C'est exactement ce que nous avons fait cet après midi aussi.
Tes poupées semblent si réelles.
Je viendrais volontier à Orléans un jour jouer à la poupée avec toi tiens!
Gros bisous à toi Geneviève.

Susanne a dit…

Hi Genevieve! Yes, we do have a lot of snow right now in Denmark, and although its not uncommon, it´s not ususal anyway for longer periods. We are more common to degrees above zero and maybe cold rain in the winther time. The snow makes children play happier, more tiered at night time ;-), school´s closed and everything has a soft tone ;-)
Your illustrations of the childrens dreamings are so sweet!

Linda Carswell a dit…

I love these photos of the little girls lookihg out the windows, it is so very sweet.
You are having snow, but today we had 38c...too HOT for me!!

Regards, Linda

synnøve a dit…

Cute pictures!!!!
It´s really weird with all this snow all across Europe, but they say it´s coming from Siberia.....buhhh!!!
Lucky Linda I say.........


Christel a dit…

Hi Genevieve
Lovely photos and so fun. Here we have a lot of snow and it is very cold too, but we are used to it. It was very cold in Paris, a different type because of the wind so it kind of felt colder than back home. Strange:)

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