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samedi 1 décembre 2012

Bienvenue et calendrier de l'avent - Welcome and advent calendar

Bienvenue - Welcome

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Calendrier de l'avent - Advent calendar

Piikko a organisé un calendrier de l'avent et nous nous sommes échangées des cadeaux pour 2 jours, le 6 et le 7 décembre. C'est la première fois que je participe à un tel évènement.

Piikko organised an advent calendar and we swapped presents for 2 days, 6th and 7th December. It is the first time that I have participated in such an event.

Hier j'ai reçu le paquet de Piikko, c'était vraiment Noël. Elle avait ajouté des chocolats, quel bonheur pour une amoureuse du chocolat! ... J'attends avec impatience le 6 et le 7 pour ouvrir les cadeaux si joliment emballés, c'est très excitant. J'espère que les miens arriveront à temps.

Yesterday I received Piikko's parcel, it was really like Christmas. She had added chocolates, what a pleasure for a lover of chocolate! ... I'm looking forward to opening the lovely wrapped presents, it is so exciting. I hope my presents will arrive on time.

Bon week-end! - Have a nice weekend!

11 commentaires:

C a dit…

Enjoy! Everything you received looks so lovely. Best wishes, Carol :)

Lovejoy Bears a dit…

What a wonderful idea!! I can't wait to see what you and Piikko have made for each other!!
Hugs ♥ Vicky ♥

Eliana a dit…

Oh my! How wait a week?
I'll follow up to see your gifts. ;)

Lucille a dit…

Tres excitant tout cela! J'ai bien hate de voir ce que contienne ces petits paquets si joliment emballes!

Minimami a dit…

How exciting, I 'll be popping in from time to time to check your suprises.

Ilona a dit…

Hello Genevieve, we all have to wait what is in the beautiful packed gifts ;)! Can't wait to see, how exciting!
Hugs, Ilona

Piikko a dit…

Hi Genevieve! Good to know that you have reserved the post! :-)
And also that you love 'my' chocolates! ;) Hopefully you like my tiny gifts too. You are right, this is really exciting!
Bon week-end!
Hugs, piikko

MiniLover a dit…

What fun! Next year I will try to organize something like this!

Thanks for the idea!


Irene a dit…

That all looks very interesting!

Cinderella Moments a dit…

That's so fun! I can't wait to see what's in there!

Gill a dit…

Gorgeous gifts, how lovely!

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